Demystifying the Credit Score – EP 160

Lions and tigers and credit scores; oh my! With so many components and antiquated information it’s no wonder there is so much mystery surrounding the credit score! While there are a handful of factors that go into a credit score, it’s not as unattainable to understand as one may think. Join us as we take…

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Home Renovations On A Budget – EP 159

Home renovations have a reputation for being very expensive and feeling unattainable at times! While it is true that skilled labor costs decent money – we want to talk about the upgrades and updates we can make that bring beauty and value to our homes without costing a fortune! Sponsors:  Sinking Funds: Often talked about,…

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Roth IRA’s Explained with Barbara Ginty – EP 158

Understanding investing terms and options is not for the faint of heart, but we don’t have to be experts in order to make wise, frugal financial decisions for our future. On this episode Barbara Ginty shares in some very understandable and approachable ways some of the basics of investing and how to take advantage of…

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Eco-Friendly Frugality | Frugal Environmentalism – EP 157

Frugality plays nicely with many other valuable tenets and environmentalism is no exception! Engaging with eco-friendly products and living a sustainable lifestyle matches well with frugality and does not need to be considered a luxury! Sponsors:  The Emergency Fund: Whether it’s $500, $1000, or $15,000, you need money set aside in case you’re laid off,…

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How To Avoid Impulse Spending – Ep 156

We’re celebrating 3 years of the frugal friends podcast by taking a look at the factors that contribute to impulse buys and ways to avoid it! Sponsors:  Frugal Friends Florida Meetup! This year we’re doing two (fingers crossed) in-person meet ups. Our first one is tomorrow April 17th in St. Petersburg, FL. More details to…

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How Budget Girl Sarah Wilson Paid Off $38K on a Low Income – EP 155

Paying down debt when living on a low income IS possible! We are thrilled to have Sarah Wilson on the podcast to share her story and inspire us towards debt freedom at any level of income. Sponsors:  Frugal Friends Florida Meetup! This year we’re doing two (fingers crossed) in-person meet ups. Mark your calendar for…

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