Episode 101: Tips for being more intentional with your finances w/alyssa from mixed up money

Where does all our money go? It can often seem like we’ve cut back on spending but somehow we’re not ‘crushin it’ like we thought we would! We quickly learn that our budget’s don’t work well on autopilot. Thankfully we have Alyssa from Mixed Up Money to share with us some tips on how to…

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Episode 100: How to maintain 100% effort on your financial journey

How do we keep up motivation and effort with the ebbs and flows of our financial journey? Once we know how to budget, cut spending, pay down debt, and increase savings the challenge can become how to maintain these practices over years! On this episode we’re talking all about tips for motivation + focus to…

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BONUS: Frugality in times of Crisis

There’s a lot of uncertainty right now and depending on where we live some of us are feeling this burden more than others. We are not doctors, policy makers, or financial planners, but we are encouragers and we recognize our current situation is leading to profound financial impact for many. So what can we do?…

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Episode 99: Contentment, Gratitude, + Flexible Minimalism within Frugality

How do we know how much is enough? What are our measuring tools for knowing this? Today we explore the topics of contentment, gratitude, and minimalism as a means to embracing frugality and being kind to our finances. Listen in as we explore why these principles are foundational to our frugal journey. Sponsors:  Empower: An…

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Episode 98: Save Money While Raising Young Children w/ Caroline Vencil

Saving money and spending less is an ongoing journey and can have additional difficulties when this is paired with raising young kids! We know everyone’s financial story is different but we also know that it is not uncommon to have children before accomplishing major financial goals. For this reason (and many more) we are thrilled…

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Episode 97: How to Transition from Spender to Saver

Sometimes spending money is a whole lot easier than saving money! Spending money often gives us what we want in the moment, but it can derail us from our financial goals or debt payoff plans. Today we’re talking about strategies to move from spending to saving so that we can get the most out of…

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