Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on Estate Sales – EP 341

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When we talk about buying second-hand items, we automatically think of going to thrift stores or your neighbor’s yard sale, but there is a hidden gem of the resale world that often goes overlooked: estate sales. In this episode, we introduce you to estate sales’ own flavor of goodness in buying secondhand, ways to find and engage in them, and our very own experiences on hosting and buying on estate sales.

If you like an item a lot, it's a treasure. It doesn’t matter the quality or condition. Live in that feeling and it is a treasure for you.


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How Do Estate Sales Work?

This article from Better Homes & Gardens discusses all things estate state, from its definition to helping you find ones near you. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

An estate sale is a public sale, similar to garage and yard sales but on a larger scale. There are various reasons why an estate sale is happening, such as downsizing, divorce, bankruptcy, or a homeowner’s passing. You can mostly find them on Facebook marketplaces, estatesales.net, and other websites (Estatesales.org, Estatesale-Finder.com). Jill recently hosted an estate sale for her mom and notes that there may be certain things you might not be able to buy in an estate sale listed on the website (Estatesales.net) because of certain rules they need to adhere to.

Jen emphasizes that you can find anything in an estate sale, but if you are looking for particular quality, authentic brand items, and such, have your phone with you to look stuff up! Just remember that we mostly recommend this for personal buying, as you will have to have a trained eye to identify authentic items, especially if you are going to resell the item.

15 Items to Absolutely Buy at Estate Sales

This article from Building Bluebird lists the best items you should be looking for in estate sales. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Estate sales are your spot for some amazing furniture gems, from couches to bed frames, which you can get at a steep discount. On Jill’s recent hosted estate sales, lamps and mirrors were the items that got sold immediately because they are sneakily expensive to purchase nowadays. While Jen doesn’t always get to find a good picture frame in thrift stores, she has a great record of estate sales on finding picture frames.

You might be at an estate sale in the dead of summer, so winter may not be on your mind, but just know that it is coming—future think, be smarter! You can find good-quality faux Christmas trees, ornaments, and other holiday decorations (even wrapping papers and greeting cards) on estate sales. Other great items to add to your home are area rugs, gardening tools, and plants!

Our best estate sale score

Jill had a hard time narrowing down her best estate scores, but her most recent ones are her filing cabinets, closet storage, plants, vintage ornaments, and vintage clothes and jewelry.

For Jen, it is a unique one, for it is the house they lived in. They saw their house for the first time when it was having an estate sale.

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