The Secret to Curating a Capsule Wardrobe You’ll Love – EP 355

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Not everyone wants to rock Steve Jobs’ all-black outfit or Mark Zuckerberg’s gray shirt paired with comfortable jeans every day; some want colors, statement accessories, or a funky pair of shoes! It’s important that we love the clothes we want to wear every day. In this episode, we identify principles for building the perfect capsule wardrobe and unravel the world of personal color analysis.

Don’t dress for other people. Dress for yourself.


  • Light. In order to see color, you must have some amount of light.  No matter what you’re looking at, maybe you need all the light to see some color and just a smidget of it to see others—it is a spectrum, truly. But what is also a spectrum is your ability to save money. You can go all out and save as much and spend as little as possible. But every week in the Friendletter, we will shed light on ways that you can be on either the end of the spectrum or the radical middle—your choice. We’re coming at you 3x times a week with actionable strategies for saving money and spending better for five minutes or less. If that sounds appealing to you, check out our website and click on the pop-up or if your thumbs need a little bit of extra work-out.

3 criteria for designing your perfect capsule wardrobe

This article by Morten Thorn on LinkedIn highlights helpful foundational principles in designing your capsule wardrobe. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Laying the foundation on the key components we should work on before identifying what goes on your capsule wardrobe is important to make it easy and comfortable to curate one. You will need to check three basic criteria: your body, lifestyle, and taste. TLC’s What Not to Wear is Jen and Jill’s Roman Empire, as it gives helpful styling tips despite the harsh critique of the fashionistas. Jill learns from the show how we need to dress for our current body, not the body we wish to have or yet to attain.

Understanding your body, including your skin tone, and embracing it is your first foundational piece. Consider your lifestyle like that of our mamas out there who had it hard. Jen advises following influencers on social media that have the same body type as yours and learning to embrace how bodies are made. Be free to recognize your preferences, from style to cuts, in order to incorporate them into the capsule wardrobe.

5 Ways Personal Color Analysis Changed My Life

This article shares reasons why one should consider getting a personal color analysis

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jen and Jill recently met a new friend, Natalie Hansen, a color consultant and owner of House Of Colour in St. Petersburg, FL where they had their personal color analyzed. It was indeed life-changing. Knowing what colors look best on Jill helps her narrow down what clothes to try on, what lipstick shade matches her best, and what she should no longer purchase. It gives clarity, which saves a ton of time and money.

A color palette is a great framework for creating a wardrobe that really works and brings out the best in one’s features. It is what led Jen to have her personal color analyzed to embrace the features she has and confidently highlight them. It is best to get a color consultation in person with a professional or expert or in an online session where you can send in photos.

The one color you'd never include in your capsule palette and why

The strikingly bright yellow is the only color Jill would never include in her capsule palette, and Jen chose orange and royal purple because the said colors are “yikes”.

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