Episode 81: Our Favorite Money Making + Saving Apps

We all know there are so many resources out there that can help us save AND make money, but how we do find them?! It can be difficult to weed through the internet and find the apps and websites that are actually worth our time. On this episode, we do the heavy-lifting for you! We’ve […]

Episode 80: How To Get Other People To Pay Your Mortgage w/Craig Curelop

We’re all about cutting expenses, especially the major ones! And what better way to reduce costs than by getting someone else to pay your mortgage?! We’re talking about house hacking, and we have Craig Curelop, author of “The House Hacking Strategy” on the show to talk about how he reduced his housing costs, and how […]

Episode 79: Our Favorite Frugal Recipes + Food Blogs

We love food! And if you haven’t noticed yet, we love talking about food! It’s even better when we can make and eat good food for a reasonable amount of money! On this episode we give you our favorite food blogs + recipes… award show style. Listen in to find out who wins each category […]

Episode 77: Money Myths That Are Holding You Back w/Rob Berger

There’s all kinds of things we tell ourselves about money and our financial situations, but not all of them are true! We’re thrilled to have Rob Berger on the show, author of “Retire Before Mom and Dad” to dispell some common myths about money, break down the barriers between us+our goals, and set our perspectives […]

Episode 76: Ask Us Anything LIVE from FinCon 2019

We took the opportunity to record at FinCon 2019 in D.C. and answered all of your most pressing questions! Our frugal friends community asked some great questions, and while Jen encouraged people to ‘get weird’ you all kept it classy and we appreciate that 🙂 We enjoyed answering questions from our Frugal Friends Community Group […]