Episode 77: Money Myths That Are Holding You Back w/Rob Berger

There’s all kinds of things we tell ourselves about money and our financial situations, but not all of them are true! We’re thrilled to have Rob Berger on the show, author of “Retire Before Mom and Dad” to dispell some common myths about money, break down the barriers between us+our goals, and set our perspectives […]

Episode 76: Ask Us Anything LIVE from FinCon 2019

We took the opportunity to record at FinCon 2019 in D.C. and answered all of your most pressing questions! Our frugal friends community asked some great questions, and while Jen encouraged people to ‘get weird’ you all kept it classy and we appreciate that 🙂 We enjoyed answering questions from our Frugal Friends Community Group […]

Episode 75: Start a Cook at Home Challenge This Month

FOOD! We love it, but it’s one of the biggest budget challenges we face each month. But what if we could reduce our spending and save more money by cutting costs on food? We’re challenging all of us (including ourselves!) to cook at home by dispelling some myths about home cooking and providing some tips […]

Episode 74: How to be Frugal on a Single Income w/Budget Girl, Sarah Wilson

It’s one thing to be frugal when living on 2 incomes and splitting expenses, but how can we achieve financial goals on just 1 income? We’re thrilled to have Budget Girl (Sarah Wilson) on the show sharing her story of debt-payoff, budgeting, and stretching her dollar – proving to us all that financial goals can […]