How the Frugal Friends Met | Live at FinCon2019 BONUS

We took advantage of cameras and mics at FinCon19 (annual conference) and recorded a quick bonus episode! Listen in as we talk about how we met and why we love this podcast! Check out the video over on YouTube so you can finally figure out which one is Jen and which is Jill 🙂

Episode 72: Flipping Frugally

When it comes to side hustles, flipping is certainly one to consider! Flipping does require a keen eye and some occasional DIY skills, but can be a great way to earn some extra cash and fulfill some of those ‘shopping urges’! On this episode we explore the best places to buy, sell, and what to […]

Episode 71: A Simple Travel Hacking Plan w/Lee Huffman

Travel! For many of us, it’s what we look forward to, work for, and talk about; AND unfortunately it can also be what propels us into debt. We know some people get to see the world on very few dollars; so we talked with Lee Huffman from the We Travel There podcast to pick his […]

Episode 70: Grocery Store Sale Cycles to Know About

Groceries are one of our biggest monthly expenses, so it makes sense that we want to cut costs and save money where possible; while still eating well of course! Beyond clipping coupons and shopping discount grocers, we learned that tracking sales cycles can be a big money saver! Listen in as we chat about shopping […]

Episode 69: Create a Fulfilling Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalism is not just about how much stuff you own, in fact it’s hardly about stuff! Minimalism certainly boasts clean open spaces, but how might these concepts permeate other aspects of our frugal lives? On this episode we’re exploring how minimalism might impact the way we approach our daily lives and schedules and how this […]