Episode 51: Homesteading for City Dwellers

Homesteading is becoming more and more appealing , especially in the world of frugality, but what can be done for those of us who don’t sit on property or don’t plan to invest in land? Have no fear! Homesteading is not just about having a vegetable garden, it’s also a way of life with many […]

The Truth About Student Loan Forgiveness w/Travis Hornsby

Student loan forgiveness – we’ve all heard about it, but is it real?! In this episode we chat with Travis Hornsby from Student Loan Planner about all things student loan forgiveness, plus some tips we are sure you have never heard of before! We shared some laughs and received from invaluable tips and knowledge on […]

Episode 49: How to Save Money on Weddings Part 2: Reception & Honeymoon

It’s one of the most important days of your life, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend your (or your parents!) entire life savings! We’re following up our Part 1 episode on ceremonies (ep. 6) with what you need to know to plan a killer reception and honeymoon without emptying that bank account, or […]

Episode 47: Creating a Capsule Pantry with Kristen Marr

We know the benefits of minimalism and how it fits so nicely into a frugal lifestyle, but can minimalism be achieved in the kitchen also? Today we talk with Kristen Marr from Live Simply about how to achieve a ‘capsule pantry’. From how to identify the essentials, to shopping and stocking – Kristen gives some […]

Episode 46: Warehouse Clubs – How to Save&Are They Worth It?

Warehouse clubs, the only place you can go to purchase your chicken, your wedding ring, your outdoor furniture, AND your underwear all under one roof! While it can be great to score some savings on toilet paper, today we explore the pros and cons of warehouse club shopping and how to determine if they provide […]