Our Favorite Resources

Our Favorite High-Yield Checking Account: Axos Bank

Axos currently offers .61% APY, requires no minimum balance to qualify, and has no fees for regular use. And with a minimum initial deposit of just $250 it's definitely our favorite high-yield savings account right now!

Search Secured Credit Cards to Build Your Credit at: Credible

If you're looking to build your credit to qualify for a mortgage or travel rewards credit cards then you need a secured credit card. The best ones change frequently and are different for everyone so we like Credible's card finder that collects the best cards and shows them to you based on your specifications.

Our Favorite Way to Get Cash Back Online: Rakuten

There are many cash back apps out there but Rakuten consistently offers the the highest percentage of cash back and has the most partner stores. It also offers the most generous welcome bonus of between $20 to $30 depending on when you sign up.

Choose a Bank Account Committed to Clean Money: Aspiration

If you're looking to divest from big banks (spoiler alert: you should!) Aspiration is a great bank to check out. While big banks invest your money in fossil fuels that hurt the environment, Aspiration only uses your money in ethical and sustainable ways.

Our Favorite Meal Planning App: Cook Smarts

Meal planning is the single most important thing you can do to save money on food. Cook Smarts is our favorite meal planning app with a variety of interesting and affordable meals that our families love!

Our Favorite Place to Get Discount Gift Cards: Raise

Discounted gift cards are a great way to save at places you shop frequently and can be a substitute for a cash envelope system. And you'll get a $5 bonus to spend on your first gift card when you sign up!