Frugal Side Hustle: Salesforce with Brad Rice – EP 278

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You might have heard about Salesforce in the past without knowing much about it. It’s not just about tech nor it is solely about sales as this industry is actually quite in demand and significant within businesses. Together, let’s unravel the hidden gem of this side hustle that can take you to the top quicker than you can imagine. 

When you have guidance on anything, it tends to impact your trajectory.


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Bradley has worked in the Salesforce Ecosystem for 10+ years and has become one of the highest paid Salesforce Professionals in the world. He now helps others get their Salesforce career started faster and more effectively with the groundbreaking Salesforce Career Development program which helps individuals land tech jobs with no tech background or college degree.

The Demand in Salesforce

Most of us consumers know about the things we purchase but the word, “salesforce” doesn’t come up quite often unless you’re a midsize or enterprise business owner. Salesforce is a tool used by business owners to help automate their business processes. Think about how smartphones have helped us become efficient and productive, that’s what Salesforce does for businesses. It takes from having 30 different tools to run a business and now into one application where they have everything working in the palm of their hand.

Salesforce as a Career

For Brad, salesforce served him a career–from not knowing what to do after college to being financially independent by age 31. A lot of Salesforce professionals work day jobs and freelance on the side, just like Brad who still has a part-time job for 6 years as this career offers flexibility. If you’re interested in understanding business processes such as talking to business owners, you might enjoy it. Brad can’t tell if this is the best career for you but if it sounds better than what you’re up to today then maybe, entering the salesforce industry will surely pique your interest. 

Income Trajectory And its Factors

With no experience but with certificates from trainings and joining communities, you should expect a salary somewhere between $65,000 and $75,000 for an entry-level job. You can also expect considerable jumps in your income every year. Experience is mainly a factor to jump but if you are constantly acquiring new training certifications for months then your willingness to work in the salesforce industry will surely reflect in your job applications. 

Getting Into Salesforce

Training and its certification plays a role in the salesforce space that some employers pay for those exams and training. You can also do things for free such as preparing for interviews, watching YouTube videos, and finding guidance through communities (Check out Trailhead for Free Salesforce Trainings). The pillars of getting you your first job in salesforce are going to be getting your first certification, trying to get some hands-on experience, volunteering at a non-profit, preparing yourself for an interview, set-up your LinkedIn profile, and more. 

Our favorite life hack about side hustles, working part-time, or working from home

  • Brad: Instead of ‘pittle in the breakroom,’ you can get stuff done around the house (i.e. cut grass on lunch break, order groceries, do dishes).
  • Jill: The creativity and play it gives space for.
  • Jen: The first one you do is not the last one you do but you can’t get to that one without the first.

Bill of The Week

Thank you Bradley for sharing about your tax bill and the balance you’re striking between paying the lowest amount and not going to prison!

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