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Want to turn your love for numbers into a money-making side gig? Try bookkeeping! In this special Frugal Side Hustle episode, Kate Johnson joins Jen & Jill to get into the art of bookkeeping. Learn everything you need to know to kickstart your bookkeeping journey and unlock the potential for a thriving side hustle! Listen in as Kate, Jen, and Jill explore the ins and outs of bookkeeping.

The best bookkeepers are good storytellers.


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Kate Josephine Johnson owns Heritage Business Services, LLC, a virtual bookkeeping firm serving small business clients all over the United States. She can also be found helping others build a virtual accounting career they love inside her Bookkeeping Side Hustle Community.

Understanding the Basics of Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is just the recording of the financial transactions of a business, says Kate. You don’t have to have a degree to take up bookkeeping, but you do need to have some education in it to learn the fundamentals. Education can come in the form of online courses, software training, and even textbooks. It takes time to learn bookkeeping, and you’re going to know quickly if you like it and if you’re inclined to it due to its complexity.

Jill says bookkeeping is specialized enough that if you get some education, you can charge more for your services. It has a degree of difficulty, but not a high barrier.

Essential Traits for Bookkeepers

Kate believes being a good storyteller and tech-curious are two skills needed most in bookkeeping. Being a good storyteller means communicating with business owners and knowing their financial statements like the back of their hand. Being tech-curious means being open to learning new tech, just as the world’s tech continues to evolve.

Navigating the Learning Process in Bookkeeping

Kate cites accounting fundamentals resources like the free resource Accounting Coach. It’s an Account 101 school where you can go take classes for free, with tests that you can pay for. Other resources include bookkeeping courses, and Kate recommends courses run by someone experienced in bookkeeping businesses. She also recommends getting certified in QuickBooks and Xero, the two largest cloud-based ledgers.

Kate herself took a course called Bookkeeper Launch, while running a community called the Bookkeeping Side Hustle.

Getting Started and Thriving in the Field as Bookkeepers

The more you know accounting, the more you’re going to know how hard accounting is for different types of businesses, Kate advises. She encourages getting a few clients from different types of businesses to know the niche you want to fall into and being confident as a bookkeeper. If you tell 100 people you’re a bookkeeper, you’ll probably get a client.

Never touch a receipt. Don’t go to any offices; let the receipts come to you and serve clients virtually. 

The most unexpected expense we discovered when going through our business or personal transactions

  • Kate: Transaction fees
  • Jill: Not charging for ancillary time
  • Jen: A membership canceled in October that charged her for a full year in January

Bill of The Week

Thank you Kate for sharing your bill about entertaining your family on a military base for MWR (morale, welfare, recreation)!

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I’ve heard you shouldn’t tie buying material things to trying to curb buying material things 😉 and I get that, but I find that it keeps me focused and motivated. Maybe someday I won’t need to think that way, but right now it helps.

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