Investing vs Paying Off Your Mortgage Early – EP 174

Is it better to pay off our mortgage or invest the money? It’s a hotly debated topic (well at least in financial circles) with some surprisingly conflicting conclusions. We’re exploring how to determine the best approach for each of us individually and the factors we each should consider.


  • Your Emergency fund: It seems like everyone is either trying to start one or build there’s to a place they feel comfortable with. Your emergency fund wants you to know that whatever the size, keeping it in a high-yield savings account separate from your regular checking will help you stop dipping into it for things that are not emergencies. Any high-yield savings account without fees or minimum balance requirements will do. Currently we like Axos Bank because there are no maintenance fees, account minimums, and it has an impressive .61% APY. And when you sign up for an account through you support the show at no extra cost to you. T
  • Being the ‘common person’: it’s the service I am going to provide to all of you today. And let’s be real, it’s what I represent in every episode…When numbers and percentages all feel overwhelming, you can find comfort in my voice – normalizing and validating that I don’t understand everything. Being the common person – making you feel smart

Notable Notes

What the Internet has to say:

This article from Money Geek helps us take a look at whether paying off your mortgage or investing your money is the right decision for you.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

  • Considerations:
    • Tax exempt retirement accounts
      • “For the relatively few people getting a tax benefit from mortgages, this is the scenario where the S&P 500 wins more often than paying down your mortgage.”
    • Taxes
      • Usually, you get more benefit from stocks, due to a lower tax rate for stock gains. However, recent changes in the tax code actually give an edge to the 30-year fixed for many Americans.
      • 82% of homeowners have standard deductions large enough that the mortgage interest deduction isn’t providing a tax benefit to them.
  • Other considerations
    • You have other high interest debt
    • Risk averse
    • Need cash quickly
    • Eligible to refinance
  • Diversify
    • Pay down high interest debt
    • Max out any employer match
    • Look for opportunities to refinance
    • Assess your goals and situation to see what works best for you

More from the Internet:

This article from Financially Simple provides a break down of the numbers of whether it is best to pay off the mortgage or invest.

More from Jen + Jill:

We highly recommend the exploring the example provided and considering for yourself what makes the most sense and brings the most financial AND emotional freedom

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Lightning Round 

 Our mortgage payoff and investing plans

  • Jen- refinanced and paying off in 15 years, no more no less
  • Jill- diversify, currently paying a bit more towards principle AND investing in retirement accounts


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