No-Cost Ways to be More Eco-Friendly – EP 298

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Are you looking to make a bigger impact on the environment without breaking your budget? Frugality and sustainability aren’t always paired when being marketed, but in reality, they’re more aligned than we think. Earth Day is approaching, and we want to prepare you in this episode for frugal ways while being eco-friendly! 

You cannot buy your way to green.


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Mindset Shifts for Sustainable Living

This article from Family Footprint Project pushes us to talk about what must happen in our thoughts and minds before we embark on eco-friendly living. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Perfection in an imperfect system is not possible. Jill appreciates accepting and embracing imperfect actions, which is a huge step to take when you want to change. Jen adds that you don’t have to do what everyone is doing. Try challenging your assumptions on certain things, such as buying secondhand. Change at a pace that is sustainable and attainable for you. 

Also, Jill appreciates the value of secondhand goods. Some go secondhand purely to save money; some enter into it to reduce waste, but all of it serves a purpose. There are 5Rs that you need to consider when bringing consciousness to your consumption: REFUSE – REDUCE – REUSE – ROT – RECYCLE. Being aware of the things you’re getting into your home and the things you’re spending your money on is crucial in changing your ways of living. 

10 Low-Cost and No-Cost Ways to Help the Planet

This Real Simple article gives practical and actual tips we can implement to aim at greater levels of sustainability in no-cost ways.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Globally, nearly 40% of all food produced is wasted, leading to greenhouse gas emissions and wasting money and resources. Jill suggests reducing food waste by only being intentional about what is bought. This can be achieved by taking extra time to plan meals before grocery shopping, using the freezer for leftovers, and trusting your senses on those ‘best before’ dates. Recycling is good, but reducing our waste is even better. Less plastic wherever possible! Start small, such as taking your bags to the grocery store, carrying your water bottle, and keeping your utensils on hand to avoid getting plastic ones. 

Jen suggests recycling smarter by being aware of what is recyclable and what isn’t. Research which items are recyclable within your city and community and discover how to recycle them. She also encourages people to opt for used items when possible.

Our favorite free eco-friendly hack

Jen shares that she often uses Facebook Marketplace to find free items, which has dramatically helped her during renovations. Meanwhile, Jill enjoys composting as it allows her to reduce waste by turning unwanted materials into nutrient-rich compost that can be used to help her vegetables grow.

Bill of The Week

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The life coaches I’m too cheap to pay for

Jen and Jill’s podcast is helpful for everyday life, making finances down to earth.

I appreciate the very easy to implement ideas, from inexpensive plants to spruce up your yard to grocery ideas. So often, their frugal ideas from swapping to skimping are also the *sustainable* choice, and I love that!!!

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