Tips to Stop Shopping on Amazon – EP 319

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Caught yourself staring at your filled online shopping cart? Received another discount premium membership email on your go-to online site? Maybe it’s time we reignite our creativity, as this episode offers plenty of options before you click checkout on your Amazon cart. Prepare your notes as Jen and Jill give ways to reduce our online shopping and offer alternative sites you can browse through on your next shopping! 

One way to stop the urge to add to what you have is to go through what you already own.


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6 Ways To Cut Back Your Online Shopping at Amazon and Other Retailers

It’s not about villainizing top online shopping sites like Amazon. Still, it’s all about getting creative and understanding ourselves better, just like this article provides 6 ways to cut back on online shopping by GOBankingRates. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

It always starts with understanding ourselves by assessing how much we’re spending and how we can reduce this. Jill recommends “LeechBlock” for Firefox or “Stay Focus” for Chrome to block certain sites where you want to interrupt any trigger of impulse spending. While we only recommend this for the short term, it is still a great tool for eliminating temptations. You should also start deleting and unsubscribing emails from retailers to set you away from any temptations! Give the items on your cart another 48 hours before deciding to check out, just like Jen. It allows you to have time to search through the things you already have but may have forgotten. 

20 Best Online Thrift Stores

This article of Green Citizen listed online second-hand stores you may have yet to hear of. It’s also great to find the best second deals, even online! 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Styles from different eras are hot right now, and if you are one of those who are in love with nostalgia, you may want to check out Beyond Retro for their wide range of vintage clothing that also offers a 14-day return window policy. There’s also Patagonia worn wear, where Jill loves to buy her outdoor gear, and Omnia, known for handpicking modern romantic clothing specifically chosen for metropolitan women. Other stores you can check that you may be familiar with are Goodwill, eBay, and Poshmark. Jen loves eBay as you can get new and used items, and it’s typically less expensive than Amazon. 

Our most recent Amazon purchase

Jill recently purchased a children’s book for a friend’s baby shower. At the same time, Jen got a dining bench to provide more seating whenever more than four people joined them.

Bill of The Week

Thank you for sharing your bill about closing on your first house – 2.5 years after divorce and just before turning 30!

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You have completely inspired me to take control of my finances….. and Jill’s possessed voice saying “lighting round” is a highlight for every episode. Thank you for clearly pouring so much love and care into this podcast.

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