Finally Friday, friends! 

As a Minnesotan, I (Kim) am thrilled to say that it’s going to be May in a few days!

With weather so unpredictable here in the north (blizzards yesterday & sunshine tomorrow!), May is the first month of the year that we’re guaranteed to have great weather. 

With better weather comes more time outdoors, summer holidays, and road trips galore! 😎 

But there’s one thing we need to do before we can bust out the flip flops & say sayonara to our winter clothing, and that’s make a budget! 

What to Include in May’s Spending Plan 📝

  • 🤱🏻 Mother’s Day. Chances are we all know a mother and want to take the time to honor them! Budget for something special for the person we all know and love ❤️ (I hear flowers & a clean house are the way to go!) 

  • 🔥 Memorial Day. Get your sunscreen ready & your bonfires started! Memorial Day can be spendy $$$ between travel, activities, and hosting backyard barbecues. 

  • 🌸 Flowers. Flower shopping is a sport in my family. Every year, all the women whip out their sunglasses and strollers and take the children to a local plant nursery. It’s a great way to spruce up the yard & support small businesses, but before you go, set a specific amount to spend. I know those petunias are beautiful, but it’s not worth racking up any credit card debt! 

  • 🏝️ Summer Vacations. Road trips, cabin excursions, and overseas travel is just around the corner! Double check all contributions to your vacation sinking fund & plan vacation activities in advance so you know you’re covered. 

What’s on Sale in May? 📢

  • 🍳 Kitchen appliances. Last May I bought an air fryer from Best Buy while it was on sale. Hands down, the best purchase I have ever made. From juicy pork chops to crispy potatoes, this baby can do it all! Usually, retailers discount small appliances for Memorial Day. This is the perfect time to upgrade your kitchen, or a hack for wedding season. Gift. Giving. Queen. 💅

  • 🪑 Furniture. There are three major furniture sales during the year: Labor Day, Black Friday, & Memorial Day. Take advantage of the deals and replace worn furniture. Your yard won’t be the only thing getting a spring refresh 🤩

  • 👗 Spring clothes. Out with the old, in with the new! Spring clothes are officially hitting sale racks right now since summer is around the corner! Checkout local blowout sales, or use our favorite browser extension, Beni, for an environmentally friendly shopping spree. Beni navigates top secondhand websites & shows you clothing items comparable to what you’re already searching for. Bonus? It’s free! **

May’s Big Money Move 💸

We’re well on our way into the year, and that means it’s time for our 90-Day Transaction Inventory. Grab a glass of wine, your laptop, and a fuzzy blanket for a deep dive into your financial transactions from February to April.

  1. Look for patterns in your spending. 🧐 Do you get takeout when you’re overtired? When you’re celebrating? When you’ve had a long day at work? 

  2. Notice behaviors that led to overspending. 🧩 Do you have a tendency to throw $$$ at your kids & pets when you’re overstimulated? Do you forget to go grocery shopping while working overtime? 

  3. Implement change. 🤞🏼 Now that we recognize our habits, it’s time to buckle down and find areas to cut back starting today. I have a habit of ordering takeout toward the end of the week because I just don’t want to cook. To mitigate this, I throw chicken, a jar of salsa, and some water in the crockpot for a quick, easy dinner on Thursday nights. It saves me $$$ and it’s a healthier alternative! Make the change that will make your life, and your finances, simpler. 

  4. Save, save, save. 💸 Once we’ve reviewed our budgets & implemented change, there’ll be extra $$$ ready to work for you. PUT THAT MONEY IN AN HYSA. Yes, I’m yelling that. We’re in our 20% of our effort yields 80% of our reward era, friends. And with a 4.65% APY, CIT Bank’s high yield savings account is ready to turn your greatest efforts (cutting back) into an amazing reward ($$$) just in time for summer vacay. 😎 **

What to Cook 👩‍🍳

On Tuesday, Jen & Jill celebrated SIX. WHOLE. YEARS. hosting the Frugal Friends Podcast with their husbands (!!!) on Ep. 400 Sixth Anniversary Special.

For all the hopeful gardeners & black thumbs out there, we shared a wonderful conversation on How to Keep Your Garden Alive with Nicole Jonsey Burkev (Ep. 401). Personally, this episode couldn’t have come at a better time!

Tune in wherever you get podcasts and let us know what you thought of the episode over on our latest Instagram post!

Catch ya later,

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