How to Save Money on Pets – EP 202

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When you become a pet parent, it’s just impossible not to go gaga over them. And whether you’re a parent to a kid or a furry baby, it requires your time, energy, and (wait for it) money to keep them healthy and happy. In this episode, Jen and Jill discuss several ways to help you in saving expenses without sacrificing your fur (or scaly) baby’s health and breaking the bank.

Just like any other part of life, there are areas where we need to be able to spend in order to see long-term savings. It's not always about scarcity. Sometimes, it's about value.


  • Not moving. By the time you hear this, I will hopefully have completed my first half marathon in 7 years. Hopefully, we’ll see. I’m much older than I was then. Roughly 7 years older. So I have relied on not moving this week to recuperate. And there’s nothing I like to do more when I’m not moving than read a book. If you’d like to try not moving and need a book to read we’ve got a free one for you. Head to to get Modern Frugal Living, our eBook with over 200 ways to save money. Again that’s
  • Doggie bags. Disturbingly the phrase used for both what you carry your leftover food from a restaurant in AND what you pick up your dog’s feces with. Doggy bags aren’t concerned about the room for error and misunderstanding. They trust us to get it right. Doggie bags – for grown adults cleaning up after their dogs, OR your restaurant leftovers.

14 Money-Saving Tips That Pet Owners Swear By

No one definitely wants to cut corners when it comes to taking care of pets, but that doesn’t mean you have to hurt your bank. In this article, BuzzFeed asked their community what helps them save money on the things their pets need.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jen recommends getting bulk supplies such as livestock feeds, pet foods, and grooming tools from tractor supply places like Rural King.

Jill emphasized that one should MAKE SURE THEY’RE READY TO MAKE A COMMITMENT. Look at budget and lifestyle – as someone without a pet, this is something Jill can speak most confidently about. Pets also often enjoy the things you already own rather than needing to buy expensive things (i.e. cat choosing old sweater over a brand new bed, or the toys they choose to play with) so that might help cut the expenses. You can also make your own treats and learn grooming techniques yourself.

3 Dog Expenses You Shouldn't Skimp On to Save Money in the Long-Run

Sometimes, trying to reduce costs can lead to higher pet care costs. Yahoo discussed 3 areas of dog care you should not skimp on to reduce paying high costs over the long run.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jen agrees on investing in high-quality pet food and getting pet insurance. Meanwhile, Jill recommends doing annual check-ups because catching illness early and paying for preventive measures is usually less expensive than reactive measures (late-stage treatment).

Funny Pet Stories

Jen trying to leave the house without losing the dog and Jill letting a pup lick her legs while babysitting. 

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Must listen!
I absolutely love these ladies. I look forward to all of their new episodes. My husband and I found ourselves in $37,000 of credit card debt. We have since been able to pay it off in a year, and listening to these podcasts have encouraged me to try and keep going forward with paying off our other debt as well. So many great ideas from them and their guests.

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Thank you Sheila for sharing about your Uncle Bill! AND for sharing how you cut your grocery bill insanely!

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