How Maggie Paid Off Her Mortgage as a Divorced Single Mom | Friends on Fire – EP 203

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Finances look different for single moms. Budgeting and paying off debt while parenting solo presents more challenges when you don’t have someone to share expenses with. Join us on this episode as we talk to Maggie of the friends on FIRE podcast on how she was able to pay off her mortgage as a divorced single mom.

We all have power, influence, and control over something. When we find things to exert our right power, influence, and control to, it can be really beneficial for us especially [during] those points of deep pain and difficulty.


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How Maggie Paid Off Her Mortgage as a Divorced Single Mom

Maggie is the co-host of one of our favorite podcasts, friends on FIRE. I’m sure you don’t need to ask why we love it. And just like us, Maggie is passionate about minimalism, simple living, and helping people on their journeys through life. She lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and 3 daughters but not long ago she was a divorced single mom getting out of debt on her own and we think you’ll find her story as inspiring as we did.

  • How and why did you make the decision to pay off your mortgage early?
  • What sacrifices did you make and would you change anything about the experience?
  • How have the financial decisions you’ve made impacted your daughters?
  • How did you handle your finances when remarrying?

A recent money conversation we’ve had with a friend or family member.

Maggie: At a holiday party talking with a friend about taxes/deferred compensation, etc. – holding tension of not insulting, but giving info; a reminder of the importance of financial convos and learning along the way

Jill: Realizing so many options out there that friends are exploring. Also convo with husband about holding the tension of retirement and cash flowing renovations

Jen:  A conversation I have frequently with my friend Jess who’s an amazing kindergarten teacher of how she should consider creating a passive income stream around her science curriculum.

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From budgeting to investing and smart shopping to thinking outside the box, these ladies cover it all. I really look forward to Fridays when I can hear a new episode. Thanks Jen and Jill for being down to earth, knowledgeable, and relatable!

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And thank you Maggie for sharing your bill with us about saving $515 on homeowners insurance!

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