Save Money While Raising Young Children w/ Caroline Vencil – ep 98

Saving money and spending less is an ongoing journey and can have additional difficulties when this is paired with raising young kids! We know everyone’s financial story is different but we also know that it is not uncommon to have children before accomplishing major financial goals. For this reason (and many more) we are thrilled to have Caroline Vencil to share some encouragement and tangible tips for those living on a budget with small children!


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  • Travis: That’s right – its a shout out to Jen’s husband because it’s his birthday! A little about our sponsor: he’s 5’10”, has beautiful long curly hair and a beard to be admired. He likes long walks through flea markets to find treasures which he can resell at a profit. In his spare time Travis finishes up home projects, purchases vehicles, and considers ways to get free food. Travis is an excellent father and shows deep concern when his son cries, and always makes sure he doesn’t fall off the couch. Furthermore, Travis is a great friend and will help you repair your broke down car on the side of the road. Travis: everyone should have one in their lives.

Notable Notes:

We asked Caroline all about her financial journey while raising young kids, using the following questions as guideposts for the conversation:

  • Tell us a little about how you became the ultimate money saving mama?
  • What are some of the biggest expenses with kids and how do you save money on them?
  • How do you save money on Birthdays?
  • How do you save money on Christmas?

BILL OF THE WEEK – Thanks Caroline for sharing with us your bill!

Lightning Round

What’s one thing you wanted that your parents wouldn’t let you have?

  • Caroline – Matching outfit with her mom
  • Jen- Life size barbie and the barbie jeep you could ride in.
  • Jill- Flying fairy doll


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