How to Save Money on Coffee or End Your Takeout Coffee Addiction – EP 189

Do you love coffee? Do you find yourself purchasing coffee out more often than you’d like to admit? While we know ending our latte purchases will not make us millionaires, it is still useful to consider where our money goes and how to save even in the small things. And so we’re looking at ways to decrease spending on caffeine, and even sharing some ways to get the occasional FREE coffee!


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  • Oversized sweaters. Sweaters are nice but most of them don’t cover your hands. You could wear gloves but if you live in Florida you might not own gloves, thus leading to the overconsumption of takeout coffee to warm your chilly hands. No more! Enter oversized sweaters! They are so long that they cover your hands completely, ending the plague of frigid digits. You’ll save money and make more friends as you take your hands out of your pockets and engage with more inviting body language. Oversized sweaters, don’t buy the next size up, go for 2 sizes.


This article from Bustle lists out 11 ways to save on your daily coffee routine

Jen + Jill’s favs:

  • Coffee isn’t our biggest expense annually, however, daily $4 lattes = $1,460 annually…think how this relates to other expenses.
  • We all know the best way to save money on coffee is to make it at home! …this is just your friendly reminder 🙂
  • Find an alternative! Consider a less expensive option, or ditch coffee altogether!
  • Order your coffee black, or essentially drip coffee and add your own cream and sugar. Ordering espresso based drinks will cost you 2-3 times more
  • Get creative with your coffee; make your own creamer, make iced coffee, etc.

More Headlines

This article from The List TV gives us a whole roundup of places offering free coffee and how to get it!

Jen + Jills favs:

  • Starbucks
  • Dunkin Donuts – with the rewards app they’re constantly giving away coffee (and in their mailers!)
  • Caribou coffee – free just for joining rewards program
  • Peet’s coffee – free for joining rewards program
  • Not on the list – Panera offering free coffee through the end of 2021 with their subscription. Just cancel it before they start charging! 

By the way…national coffee day is Oct 1st!

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Lightning Round 

Our coffee drink of choice 

  • Jill- pour over coffee = frugal option; cappuccino out = expensive option
  • Jen- frugal = instant coffee; expensive = iced latte out


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