🔑 Freebies for New Homeowners

Hi again friends!

If you’re new to homeownership, have been doing this “thang” for a long time or a renter who has the ability to put some personal touches on your place…

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During this no-spend challenge month, I’m spending a lot more time at home which is causing me to fixate on all the upgrades I still want to make in my space!

I came across some cool ways to save on DIY upgrades and maintenance and want to share them with you!

🛠️ FREE Tool Rentals through a lending library in your area. This of course is not just for home-owners but DIY-ers of all types can rent equipment instead of buying it. 

🌱 FREE mulch is offered by many cities to its residents. The mulch is often made from yard waste and even discarded Christmas trees after the holiday season. Check with your local parks department.

🔌 Get FREE appliances or other household items through freecycle

🧽 FREE paint and other household chemicals or cleaners may be available in your town through ‘Chemical Reuse Centers’. Jen and I have a swap shop in Pinellas County. Look for something similar in your area!

👨‍💼 Bill, Your Realtor 👨‍💼

He doesn’t pull any punches and wants to see you in the right house. The kind of house that you can truly afford, but doesn’t need an entire gut job. Bill prefers phone calls over text messages, but he’s available to you on the weekends and always laughs at your jokes when showing houses.

Bill also knows about Cashifyd and is helping you in your early stages of home buying to get cashback and commission savings at closing on your home purchase.

Cashifyd is completely free for consumers to use and your contact information is only released to the agent and/or lender you select to work with. **

Until next time,

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