DFS: This Couple’s Crazy Side Hustles Led to Paying Off $60K of Debt in 2 Years – EP 421

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Being too focused on paying off debt can sometimes lead you to extremes. In this episode, Jen and Jill are joined by Jason to share his two-year journey in overcoming debt with his wife—how they did it, what they cut back on, how they got rid of extra belongings, and how they lived more intentionally.

You don’t have to be aggressive with your goal if it is becoming backbreaking to you.


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Breaking Free from Debt for Better or Worse

Jason and his wife of ten years and their two kids—one on the way—live in Atlanta, Georgia. Overwhelmed by the relentless cycle of debt, Jason was motivated to get out of debt by educating himself through books, resources, podcasts, and the like. When he got married, he and his wife knew they had to get out of debt before building the family they wanted.

Because of that, the couple worked on combining their increasing income and cutting expenses—taking on extra jobs, selling items online, and making sacrifices to achieve their goal. For Jason and his wife, developing a frugal mindset, making wise choices, living modestly, and not inflating lifestyle is crucial in avoiding and paying off debt.

Falling in Love with the Process of Overcoming Debt

When Jason’s first debt-free journey started, he had around $13,500 worth of credit card debt. After marriage, they had around $60,000 in debt, including student loans, credit cards, and car loans. Their debt-free story spotlights different methods to earn money and the significance of falling in love with the process and cherishing the journey to become debt-free to avoid burnout and debt payoff hangover. 

✨Update on Jason

They’ve welcomed a new baby boy! That makes it three boys in their family now. Now that their family has expanded, they had to upgrade their car. Therefore, they left with a car payment and a house payment. However, both will be paid off in less than three years, and they will be 100% debt-free! They have two cars now and are still a one-income household, while the wife is a stay-at-home mom.

A (crazy) side hustle you've tried before but won't be doing again

For Jen, it’s definitely renovating anything to resell—because she didn’t really make any money out of it, therefore it was not worth it for her. While For Jill, she would love to do any of them again except for stripping wires and taking them to salvage yards and earning a couple bucks. 

Bill of The Week

Thank you, Maggie, for sharing your story on escaping a toxic environment, which led you to be closer to home, save on gas and time, and improve your mental and physical health!

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I like this a lot and second the review of the girl who said thanks for not making me do 6 side hustles. I’m a social worker and mentally that is more than enough, though I do have a couple side hustles too. Still, practical advice and fun to listen to.

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