Sustainable Online Shopping

Happy Hump Day! 

This year, I (Kim) have committed to small, doable changes that yield big results! 🤩

As Jen & Jill would say, I’m aiming to have 20% of my efforts yield 80% of my results. 

One of the areas that I’m focusing on is my environmental impact.

Reducing your carbon footprint isn’t easy and takes time, but there is one simple switch that can help and make a big difference, and that’s to shop sustainably. 💚 

Many companies that are committed to helping our planet also give back to charitable organizations, eco-friendly initiatives, and small businesses in need of support.

By doing something simplechanging where you shopyou’ll make a big impact on the environment!

Below, I highlight a few of our favorite sustainable shopping picks! 

♻️ Our Top 3 Sustainable Website Picks 

1. Thrive Market is the go-to source for sustainable, organic food. For a $12 membership, you can access thousands of healthy products at a lower cost than retail price. Thrive also offers a section where you can narrow down your dietary restrictions, and shipping on the products is emission free! 

When it comes to giving back, Thrive is no slouch. Each membership sponsors a family in need or a first responder, so you know that your hard-earned $$$ are going to a good cause. 💜

2. Grove Collaborative features certified plastic-neutral products, non-toxic house cleaners, and carbon neutral commodities. With everything from pet necessities to organic household items, it’s easy to see how shopping at Grove is the right choice for a sustainable home. Grove also offers free shipping over $29, so it’s a frugal win, too! 

Grove is a Public Benefit Corporation, and as such, selects two recipients monthly to gift $500 worth of products to. 

3. Female-founded Beni completes our trifecta as our go-to secondhand clothing website. Beni is a free browser extension that searches top secondhand websites for the clothing you need to complete the perfect ensemble. Beni’s mission is to reduce the amount of garments that go to waste and add to carbon emissions. ** 

Check out Beni’s sustainability impact report, updated in the last year, for a breakdown of their contributions to sustainability efforts. 

Catch you on Friday,

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