How to Stop Impulse Shopping

Finally Friday, friends! 

Do you struggle with impulse buying?

You’re not alone!

While I (Kim) might be able to handle myself in TJ Maxx, all bets are off at the grocery store. 

I have a hard time sticking to my list, and if you’re reading this, maybe you do, too!

The True Cost of Impulse Spending 💥

With inflation at an all-time high, it’s more difficult than ever to keep money in our pockets.

On average, the typical American impulse spends $150 monthly. When you crunch the numbers, that’s a total of $1,800 per year, or $9,000 every five years. 

While you might be telling yourself that consumption drives the economy, it’s important to remember where the money is going.

Oftentimes, it’s to big businesses that aren’t eco-friendly and use misleading tactics to drive up prices and lure in more consumers. 

But, if we curbed impulse shopping, we could be more intentional with our purchases. We could choose to shop responsibly, ethically, and sustainably.

Tips to Reduce Impulse Spending

  1. Implement the 24-hour rule. 🕛 Studies show that the majority of the dopamine hit we receive from impulse shopping is in the events leading up to the purchase of the item. Consider adding any items you are thinking about purchasing online to your cart, but don’t actually purchase it for at least 24 hours. If after 24 hours you decide you still want to buy the item, go for it! But, if you forgot about or decided to find a creative solution to meet your needs, then remove it! 

  2. Replace the habit. 🔄 Are you a boredom shopper? Find a healthy alternative to browsing Insta ads. Whether it’s working out, engaging your brain with a word search, or taking a quick walk outside, replacing the urge with a healthy alternative is an easy way to get big results. 

  3. Treat Yourself. 🎁 Yes, you’re reading that right! We’re all about values-based spending here, and treating yourself to a planned purchase helps negate impulse shopping by shifting focus from what we want (the impulse buy) to what we’re gaining (the planned purchase). 

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