How Lydia Senn Paid Off $36k of Debt on One Income – EP 143

We have lots of debt payoff stories highlighted on this podcast, and are particularly looking forward to sharing Lydia’s story with you all! For those working off of low incomes, or single incomes we hope this interview is particularly inspiring and helps to break down barriers to achieving debt freedom!


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Notable Notes:

We asked all about her families debt journey and how they paid off $36K of debt on just 1 income:

  • What was your debt from and what was the moment that led you to say enough is enough?
    • Student loan, credit card, medical debt
    • Had been in car accident while pregnant and the lack of financial freedom was quite difficult! This is was the launching point towards working at becoming debt free
  • What were the highest impact things you did to pay off your debt?
    • Get current on your bills
    • Moved to area with lower cost of living – and lived in more affordable house – ‘geo-hacking’ 
    • Extreme frugality – no going out to eat, not paying for entertainment
  • What was the hardest thing/change/experience during those two years?
    • Lots of transition and chaos
    • Having a Baby
    • Moving
    • Cared for self by finding an outlet of helping others
  • Looking back on it is there anything you would’ve done differently?
    • Give self more time – lessen stress of ‘it needs to happen NOW’
    • Listen to the right messages – less shame filled voices

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Lightning Round

What financial freedom has afforded us

  • Lydia – Free reign to respond to need and give to others
  • Jen – Travis voluntarily cutting salary for 3 months
  • Jill – hosting LOTS of people in my home

Get more from Lydia:

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