Paying off $46K of Debt in a High Cost of Living Area – Ep 110

Paying off debt is hard enough, not to mention when you live in an expensive area! Reaching financial goals can feel insurmountable when living expenses are astronomical which is why we’re excited to hear from Emma on today’s episode talking about how she paid off $46,000 of student loans while living in CA.


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  • Creativity: a little imagination and thinking outside the box goes a long way – this is true when it comes to caring for your kids for the 9,732nd day IN A ROW annnddd for paying off debt in seemingly impossible situations. Creativity: using our imagination to make debt disappear 🙂

Notable Notes:

We are so thrilled to ask Emma all the questions about how she paid off debt while living in an expensive area; here’s some of our favorites:

  • What was your debt, how much did you pay off and how long did it take you?
  • Where were you living while paying it off and what unique challenges did you face because of the cost of living?
  • What strategies did you use to overcome these challenges?
  • Is there anything you’d do differently or advice you have for people currently in this?

BILL OF THE WEEK – thanks Emma for sharing your bill – cousin Bill; not a fan of his picking on you, but so glad to know a guy named bill!

Lightning Round

Debt in the Time of Covid: How can people paying off debt pivot and still stay on track to reach their goals?

  • Emma- assess safety of job and family’s position with money – stock money towards debt to high-yield savings
  • Jen- mentality give self permission to slow down (you’re not a failure, circumstances may dictate)
  • Jill- cut expenses, sell stuff, downsize (#tinyliving)

Get more from Emma at her blog, Nurse Fern


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