How To Get Other People To Pay Your Mortgage w/ Craig Curelop – Ep 80

We’re all about cutting expenses, especially the major ones! And what better way to reduce costs than by getting someone else to pay your mortgage?! We’re talking about house hacking, and we have Craig Curelop, author of “The House Hacking Strategy” on the show to talk about how he reduced his housing costs, and how you can too!


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Notable Notes:

We asked Craig all about his experience with house hacking and ways we can all consider applying the principles!

  • What is House Hacking?
  • How did you get into house hacking?
  • Where do you house hack?
  • How can a first-time homeowner compete with real estate investors to get one?
    • Investors will try to undercut seller – house hackers and regular home buyers have an advantage
    • Pick your strategy
    • Be flexible – take what market gives

BILL OF THE WEEK –  Thanks Craig for sharing your bill about schoolhouse rock and how to make a bill! 

Lightning Round

  • Top expenses people should factor into their house hack
    • Maintenance costs
    • Renovation costs
    • Capital Expenditures (roof, etc.)
    • Vacancy
  • What has your experience with tenants been?
    • Screening = great experience
    • Poor screening = not great experience
  • What comes after the house hack?
    • BRRR strategy – renovate, sell
    • FIRE – financial independence, retire early
  • Where can people learn more about you and get the book?

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