Our Favorite Money Making + Saving Apps – Ep 81

We all know there are so many resources out there that can help us save AND make money, but how we do find them?! It can be difficult to weed through the internet and find the apps and websites that are actually worth our time. On this episode, we do the heavy-lifting for you! We’ve got a curated list (with commentary of course :)) on the best apps out there to help you make the most of time, energy, and money!


SAVVI Financial: A financial management tool that helps you organize all your financial accounts so you can see the big picture of your overall spending and make financial goals according to it. Check it out at www.savvifi.com

Online surveys: Do you want to make money fast! Do you want to make it all the time without much effort right from your couch!? Do surveys online! You’ll spend hours entering information just to be told you don’t qualify for any surveys but don’t worry you’ll get 10 cents for every denial. Keep going because when you get to $25 you can cash out. Online surveys: capitalizing on laziness since the internet was born.

Notable Notes

What the Internet has to say:

  • This article from Dollar Sprout lists the best apps out there to help you save & earn money

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Active apps – survey, cash back, etc.

  • Surveys usually aren’t worth the time; in our humble opinion 😉 but here’s a few if you want to make up your own mind!
    • Inbox Dollars – no points, just cash – although not tons of cash (did you really think you would get rich?!)
    • Pinecone Research – flat $3 per surveys and may even pair you with surveys that meet your interests
    • Swagbucks
  • Receipt hog
  • Ibotta
  • Rakuten
  • Userfeel (usability tests)
  • Money App – highly rated,

Passive apps – micro-investing, little involvement, etc.

  • Slidejoy only available on Android
  • More on this in the second article below

Hustle apps

Sell yo *treasure* apps 🙂

Apps we’ve seen but wouldn’t recommend: Sweatcoin, any survey site, FOAP (unless you’re a legit photographer)

More from the Internet:

  • This article from The College Investor lists some of the best automatic savings apps that will help you reach your savings goals!

More from Jen + Jill:

  • Qapitol – goal based – can do with friends and family – charges monthly fee
  • Chime – rounds to nearest dollar, BUT have to sign up for the bank
  • Digit – automatic savings app and now charges on a monthly basis – need to save over $5000/yr to make fees worthwhile
  • Acorns – micro investing- rounds to nearest dollar
  • Empower finance
  • Bank of America– good choice for those who already bank here
  • Evoshare – based on spending and allows you to save; you can use a portion of what you spend at your favorite businesses to be placed into an specific account
  • Tip Yourself – no fees, up to2 tip jars (with free version), not automated – the only one Jen likes – its a mindset thing – allows you to it everyday, no monthly fee

BILL OF THE WEEK – Thank you Michelle from Portland, Oregon for sharing your bill! So thrilled to hear how you are saving money on rent and even more thrilled about how you are the perfect combo of Jen+Jill; begin from Florida and a social worker!

Lightning Round

Best Budgeting Apps

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