Our Favorite Frugal Recipes + Food Blogs – EP 79

We love food! And if you haven’t noticed yet, we love talking about food! It’s even better when we can make and eat good food for a reasonable amount of money! On this episode we give you our favorite food blogs + recipes… award show style. Listen in to find out who wins each category of our Frugal Friends Foodie Awards!



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  • The novel before the recipe: Do you love finding recipes online and can’t wait to make that new one you found? Slow down you go getter! Read this story about the time I went to camp. Or how my kids were in this really cool play that somehow inspired this dish. Don’t be in such a hurry to make dinner, read the novel before the recipe.

The 2019 Frugal Friends Foodie Awards:

BILL OF THE WEEK – Thank you so much for sharing your bill of the week with us!

Lightning Round

Our favorite recipes from the cook at home challenge:

Frugal Friends Book Club:

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