Maximizing Yard Sales + One Year! – EP 52

We have been your Frugal Friends for one whole year now (ahh!) and what better way to celebrate than to talk about YARD SALES!? It’s one of our favorite topics AND activities, and today we’re talking about how to make the most of your ‘yard-saling’ (that’s right we made it a verb) experience! Whether you are going to yard sales, or hosting a yard sale, we’ve got some good tips for you!


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Yellow Posters: They grab our attention and remind us of sunshine – and this time of year they are popping up everywhere – declaring their sweet messages of yard sales, estate sales, multi-family garage sales, and more! So follow those glorious black arrows on those amazingly durable yellow posters and snag yourselves some discounted decor, kitchenware, clothing and more! Yellow posters: alerting us to treasures everywhere!

Notable Notes:

What the Internet has to say:

This article/website over at Yard Sale Queen, is a gem in and of itself! It’s comic sans font all the way, but it’s pages and pages of yard sale tips and tricks you never would have considered, but will be glad to know!!

What Jen and Jill have to say:


  • Ways to find yard sales (local paper, google ‘yard sale + zip code’, social media, etc)
  • Ways to prepare for a yard sale; this woman is legit! wear the right shoes, sunblock, hat, sunglasses. Basically, just come prepared for anything!
  • Ways to copy info instead of cutting up newspaper – use tape and gently transfer the ink from paper by rubbing tape on it, peeling up the tape, and sticking to white paper (similar to what we used to do with silly putty on newspapers back in the day :))
  • Things to keep in your car: tape measure, ratchet straps, extra batteries, sturdy bags, hand sanitizer, box for treasures in car

More from the Internet:

This article from Money Talks News provides 15 tips for hosting a great yard sale. If you are looking to clean out your house, and sell off your stuff, definitely check out this article for guidance!

More from Jen and Jill:

  • Start early – folks will want to show up around 7/8am
  • Know the rules – some townships require yard sale permits – don’t get fined!
  • Advertise well – Use big posters and larger letters than you initially think!
  • Price items – people may walk away if they can’t find a price or can’t find you!
  • Make it Easy – lift items off the ground as much as possible
  • Don’t blow your profits! Have a plan for the money you make

BILL OF THE WEEK – Sarah – Thank you SO much for sharing your bill! So thoughtful, insightful, and encouraging!

Lightning Round

Our facebook community’s tips on yard sales:

  • Brooke says don’t go unless you actually need something or have time to fix something up.
  • Lauren says map it out! Know the neighborhoods you want to go to and make your route around it.
  • Elizabeth says bring a notebook with measurements of things you need, and we would add bring your own tape measure.
  • Jocelyn says bring 1’s like you’re at the strip club…thanks Jocelyn!

1 year recap

Our favorite things of being Frugal Friends:

  • Our Community 🙂
  • It’s gratifying AND fun
  • Interviews: Top 10 –
  1. Modifying Dave Ramsey Baby Steps to Pay Off Debt with Merilee from Easy Budget
  2. Couponing for Extra Normal People
  3. Minimalist Budgeting: Why Frugal People Still Need a Budget, and How to Do Yours
  4. Allison from Inspired Budget on Paying off $111,000 of Debt While Having Children
  5. Frugal Beauty
  6. Tenacity and Frugality it Takes to Pay Off Your Mortgage with Andy Hill
  7. How to Use the Marie Kondo Method to Declutter Efficiently and Frugally
  8. Personal Finance Basics
  9. How a No Spend Challenge Can Help You Be More Frugal
  10. Frugality 101

Frugal Friends Book Club

It’s April and we’re reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

If you want a free copy, leave us a review on iTunes or Stitcher, screenshot the review and send it to We’ll select the winners at the end of the month.

See you next week!

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