Frugality 101 – EP 1

The Frugal Friends Podcast
Frugality 101 - EP 1

Frugality 101 – EP 1

The Frugal Friends Podcast
Frugality 101 - EP 1

In this episode, we introduce the Frugal Friends Podcast, share a bit about ourselves, and a lot about frugality.

We’re excited to create a platform for sharing and learning together on this frugal journey!

Frugality is for everyone; so join us by listening, engaging with our Facebook Group, taking the 90 Day Frugalizer challenge, and utilizing the links below for more resources and information on living frugally!

Notable Notes:

  • 4 Pillars – Categories to anticipate with Frugal Friends podcast episodes
    • Clothing/Shopping
    • Bills/Utilities
    • Transportation
    • Housing
  • What the internet has to say
    • Frugalwoods Article
      • Mrs. Frugalwoods (a.k.a. Liz Thames) identifies 19 reasons why frugality is the best – and the frugal friends agree!
      • What Jen and Jill have to say:
        • Frugality helps you identify your true priorities
        • Frugality builds community
        • Frugality means you’ll never be bored
        • Frugality leads to gratitude and joy
    • Millennial Money Article
      • Grant went from a frugal guy who amassed $1M to flippantly spending over $200K in one year. In short; the spending didn’t make him feel better.
      • What Jen and Jill have to say:
        • Frugality is about spending wisely
        • Frugality is about the journey, not the destination
        • It is never too late to ‘course correct’
    • Introduction of the most anticipated, interactive segment!
    • Leave us a voicemail with your BILL OF THE WEEK at: 570-995-1540
  • Tenets of Frugality 
    • The Law of Diminishing Returns (i.e. at some point you’re wasting your time)
    • Frugality allows you to discover what you truly value ( i.e. if frugality keeps you from what you love its cheapness)
    • Frugality is good for the environment (i.e. you can’t buy your way to green) 
    • Frugality refines your taste and style (i.e. you can have better things when you buy used and you’ll eventually stop buying those souvenir t-shirts you’ll never wear)
    • Frugality allows you more time to increase your income (i.e. the best way to not spend money is to spend time making it!)
    • Frugality will not make you rich (i.e. sorry, not sorry)
  • #frugalnotcheap
5 comments on “Frugality 101 – EP 1
  1. Linda Sirianni says:

    I am glad to be part of the very first podcast! So very happy you girls are having fun doing what you do best and sharing that with others.
    May the Lord bless you endeavors!

  2. Linda Sirianni says:

    A personal note for Jill….no you are not moving to FL. Lol

  3. Julia says:

    Love where you’re going with this podcast!!
    Super fun and insightful!
    Can’t wait for more👏🏼

    1. Eric Sirianni says:

      Thanks so much Julia! So appreciate your support!

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