Frugal Beauty | All-Natural & Affordable Beauty and Skincare Products – EP 25

We all have some sort of care routine; whether its just brushing your teeth in the morning, or an all out 2 hour event prior to leaving the house – it would be great to spend less regardless. In this episode we explore some frugal alternatives to skin-care routines, and cosmetics. We even find that the frugal options are not only better for your wallet, but also better for your health and the environment! Listen in to find what we learned!


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  • Coconut Oil: One of the few products you can use to stir fry your veggies AND moisturize your face.

Notable Notes:

  • What the Internet has to say:
    • This article from Money Crashers lists 10 beauty products that are a waste of money, along with ideas for natural alternatives. For anyone who wants to whiten their teeth, but doesn’t want to erode enamel or break the bank – this the article for you!
  • What Jen and Jen have to say:
    • We appreciate the frugal AND chemical free perspective – and we agree with all 10 products listed!
    • Natural and inexpensive alternatives for perfume = jojoba oil is $10 + essential oils
    • We always like to save in some places so we can spend more where it counts. Regarding natural make-up, these are some great alternatives to convenience store products:
    • For cellulite and anti aging; try dry skin brushing – we learned something new!!
  • More from the Internet:
    • This article from Frugal Beautiful provides 10 tips and tricks for saving money on skin care and make-up. From what to invest in and where to skip out, we were not disappointed in the advice given here!
  • More from Jen and Jill:
    • We agree with the tip about monitoring the amount of product you’re using – this not only allows you to track how long ingredients last for budgeting purposes, but also may alert you to ways you can limit consumption
    • Reusable containers for travel – this is just obvious, but in case you were unaware – travel products are a rip off!
    • Try to DIY your products by checking the ingredients list and making it yourself (i.e. dry shampoo)
    • Use one product for multiple things (i.e. coconut oil)
    • Keep makeup and dry products out of the bathroom for longevity AND stay organized!

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  • Thanks so much Chris from the popcorn finance podcast! You have shared a great cautionary tale about not ever wasting money on a pancake maker!

Our Experience and Tips:

  • Jill:
    • DIY face masks/scrubs – favorite includes apple cider vinegar, honey + cinnamon
    • Castor oil on lashes for thickness and growth 
    • DIY dry shampoo
    • Use an old sock instead of cotton balls with nail polish remover 
    • Add a few drops of nail polish remover to dying polish to extend the life
    • Check out Clinique ‘bonus buys’ – wait for this sale to get big ticket item and then get extras for free!
    • Don’t discount yard sales and thrift stores for some products – I’m not too good to buy lotion and nail polish from these places 🙂
    • Use Vit E oil for moisture overnight
    • Drink water!!
  • Jen:
    • Sephora freebies: free events, free mini makeovers, free gift for your birthday, go in and ask and they’ll give you a sample of just about anything they carry. Same with Lush, staff are trained to give samples.
    • Swaps – add unused hair and cosmetic products to clothing swaps for more variety!

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