Allison from Inspired Budget on Paying off $111,000 of Debt while Starting a Family – EP 18

Paying off debt, saving money, or reaching other financial goals may seem impossible when you have children – but on this episode Allison from Inspired Budget proves to us it’s not! Allison talks candidly about how she and her husband paid off 6 figures of debt with babies in tow. Listen in for some useful and tangible tips to help you on your frugal and debt-free journey!


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  • We ask our frugal friend Allison from Inspired Budget all about her debt free journey while raising children. Allison talks about
    • How much debt they had, what it was, and how long it took to pay it off
    • Ways she kept costs low while having kids, medical bills, and managing children’s exposure to ‘things’
    • Budgeting, cash envelopes, emergency funds, and approaching debt-freedom as a journey
    • What comes after the big debt pay-off, and ways to set goals with your spouse and kids


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