Modifying the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps to Pay Off Debt with Merilee of Easy Budget – EP 35

We’ve got Merilee from Easy Budget (instagram sensation!) on the podcast today. She and her family have used Dave Ramsey’s baby steps – with their own modifications – to pay off $52,000 of debt. Merilee talks candidly with us about her debt free journey and ways we can all experience freedom even in the process of obtaining financial independence!Sponsors:


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Notable Notes:

We got to ask Merilee all of the questions! She shares more about their debt free journey and how they have made this process work for them.

  • Questions
    • When and how did your debt free journey start?
    • Tell us about the ways you and your husband approach money differently, and what struggles have you faced during it?
    • How are you modifying the baby steps and are you happy with those modifications?
      • Merilee’s modifactions:
        • Still contributing to 401k
        • Bought a house during baby step 2
        • Maintain a bigger emergency fund
        • How do you stay motivated?

BILL OF THE WEEK –  Thanks Merilee for sharing your favorite bill and your love for amazon prime!! (Here’s the link to the Tinkle Razor for anyone interested ;))

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 More from Merilee

  • What are your recommendations for side hustles for stay at home moms?
    • Nanny – find gigs where you can bring your own children or watch others’ children in your home
    • Find stay at home work – such as appraisals
    • Consider selling items on Etsy
    • Ask around! Be creative!
  • Tell us about your debt snowball calculator?
    • Find Merilee’s awesome creations HERE

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