How to Use the KonMari Method to DeClutter Efficiently and Frugally – EP 37

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The ‘KonMari method’ has quickly become a buzz word in the world of minimalism, so it’s only fitting that we explore topic further! Today we talk about what the KonMari method is, the benefits and pitfalls, and how this might help you on your journey with frugality. Whether you are familiar with the concept or not, and whether or not you want to ‘pet’ your things and ‘thank’ them before discarding them – this episode is offers a balanced perspective for you!

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Notable Notes:

What the Internet has to say:

  • This article from Get Rich Slowly gives an excellent description of Marie Kondo’s ‘KonMari’ method and how to implement it in your own life. Who doesn’t like easy to follow, bulleted lists?

What Jen and Jill have to say:

-When discussing the KonMari method, it’s worth noting that there are some cultural differences to consider, for example: the average house size in Japan is 1,310 square feet, while the average house size in the US is 2,500 square feet. Yes our houses are too big, but it also leads to differences in the way we store, organize, etc.

  • Disclaimer: we give our honest opinion on the KonMari method, and poke at a lot of holes!

-We thought all the components of the KonMari method were worth listing:

  • Visualize your ideal lifestyle
  • Keep only what “sparks joy”
  • Store only after discarding- special folding
  • Complete the decluttering process in one large push- choose what to keep, not what to throw away
  • Tidy by category, not location
  • Make it easy to maintain- no need for pricey storage systems

More from the Internet:

  • This article from Happier lists 5 lessons the author learned by implementing the KonMari method in her own life.

More from Jen and Jill have to say:

  • We are conflicted about using ‘joy’ as a measuring stick for decluttering, but maybe it’s semantics and we can use the word ‘value’ instead – i.e. “is thing valuable or does it bring value to my life?”
  • We agree that having fewer things you love is better than many things you kinda like!
  • We also like the point that we don’t need to hang onto things even when we are hanging onto our emotions tied to things
  • We see how this decluttering strategy assists in moving away from caring so much about what others think – it’s not about that! Wear the same pants all week!

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31 Day Declutter Challenge
Let’s put it into practice!! We’re going to be using Marie Kondo’s method for decluttering in a more toned-down 31-day challenge.

Going down the list that Marie includes in her book we’ll be decluttering everyday this month. These mini declutters shouldn’t take you more than an hour, they can but you shouldn’t let them.

This is a real world kickstart that Marie would not approve of but she’s not here 😉

If you want a weekend starter kit you can get one for free from The Modern Frugality Shop at It’s called the “Weekend KonMari Challenge Guide”

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As always, thank you for hanging out with us. We wish you a happy, healthy, and frugal new year. See you next week!

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