How to Graduate College Without Debt – Ep 112

We talk a lot about paying off debt and most of the time that debt includes student loans but what about just not getting into student loan debt? Is that even possible? We think, now more than ever, it is. College is changing and today we’re talking about how you can adapt and graduate college without debt.


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Notable Notes:

What the Internet has to say:

  • This article from Good Call gives us 4 ways to get our college degree without taking on loans or going into debt!

What Jen + Jill have to day:

  • Find money (grants, scholarships, military funding, crowd funding, employee tuition reimbursement)
  • Lower tuition costs (AP classes/dual enrollment in H.S., maximize classes taken each semester, community college!)
  • Make money – look for flexible, reasonable hours, desired experience
  • Reduce expenses – (car, rent, food, books)

More from the Internet:

  • This article from Learn provides a list of 10 reasons to consider attending college online!

More from Jen + Jill:

  • No wake up fees
  • Lower tuition
  • No commute!
  • No lost wages (i.e. maximizes time – all time on school can go to graded assignments – more time to work)
  • Potential lower tuition

BILL OF THE WEEK – Thank you Kelly for sharing your bill with us about how you saved money on your menstrual cycle

Lightning Round 

Biggest waste of money in college and where we’re glad we saved:

  • Jen- Not using my full scholarship
  • Jill- going out of state – living on campus
  • Jen- Living off campus
  • Jill- books savings and school online


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