Modifying the Baby Steps – Ep 113

Sometimes our budgets, financial goals, and lifestyles don’t fit into a nice neat box; we find that our approach needs to be individualized and create space for freedom! This is why we are excited to share one of our top most listened to episodes with Merilee from Easy Budget; tune in (again!) to hear about how she modifies the baby steps to fit her needs!


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Internal Locus of control: The psychological concept that refers to how strongly you believe you have control over the situations and experiences that affect your life. People with a strong internal locus of control have greater confidence in their ability to make change through their own actions and often have higher self-esteem. An internal locus of control, focus on what you can control and create your own path, don’t wait for others to create it for you.

Notable Notes:

We got to ask Merilee all of the questions! She shares more about their debt free journey and how they have made this process work for them.

  • Questions
    • When and how did your debt free journey start?
    • Tell us about the ways you and your husband approach money differently, and what struggles have you faced during it?
    • How are you modifying the baby steps and are you happy with those modifications?
      • Merilee’s modifactions:
        • Still contributing to 401k
        • Bought a house during baby step 2
        • Maintain a bigger emergency fund
        • How do you stay motivated?

BILL OF THE WEEK –  Thanks Merilee for sharing your favorite bill and your love for amazon prime!! (Here’s the link to the Tinkle Razor for anyone interested ;))

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 More from Merilee

  • What are your recommendations for side hustles for stay at home moms?
    • Nanny – find gigs where you can bring your own children or watch others’ children in your home
    • Find stay at home work – such as appraisals
    • Consider selling items on Etsy
    • Ask around! Be creative!
  • Tell us about your debt snowball calculator?
    • Find Merilee’s awesome creations HERE


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