Frugality 101 [rerun of our greatest hit] – Ep 106

It’s our most popular episode and we’re digging it up out of the archives! Check it out to see where we started 2 years and get back to the basics!


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Reruns: here to remind us of the days when we couldn’t actually choose what we watched. Before the days of netflix and hulu there was “basic cable” – come come, gather round the fire while I tell you about ancient days when a television (these were like phones, tablets, and laptops only with large protrusions off the back filled with stuff that can never be thrown away)…a television… had access to approximately 3 ‘channels’ with 1 show playing non-stop. The likelihood of seeing the same episode of the same show more than once was 2,000%. Oh it was fun and it was awful all at once, but we didn’t know any different – we called them reruns – and we ate our hot dogs and mac and cheese in blissful ignorance while the 5th airing of Family Matters ‘good cop, bad cop’ episode played. Reruns – it’s what’s about to happen to you, so grab a hot dog and settle in.

Notable Notes:

1: 4 Pillars – Categories to anticipate with Frugal Friends podcast episodes

  • Clothing/Shopping
  • Bills/Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • What the internet has to say

2: Frugalwoods Article

  • Mrs. Frugalwoods (a.k.a. Liz Thames) identifies 19 reasons why frugality is the best – and the frugal friends agree!

What Jen and Jill have to say:

  • Frugality helps you identify your true priorities
  • Frugality builds community
  • Frugality means you’ll never be bored
  • Frugality leads to gratitude and joy

3: Millennial Money Article

  • Grant went from a frugal guy who amassed $1M to flippantly spending over $200K in one year. In short; the spending didn’t make him feel better.

What Jen and Jill have to say:

  • Frugality is about spending wisely
  • Frugality is about the journey, not the destination
  • It is never too late to ‘course correct’


  • Introduction of the most anticipated, interactive segment!
  • Leave us a voicemail with your BILL OF THE WEEK at: 570-995-1540

5: Tenets of Frugality 

  • The Law of Diminishing Returns (i.e. at some point you’re wasting your time)
  • Frugality allows you to discover what you truly value ( i.e. if frugality keeps you from what you love it’s cheapness)
  • Frugality is good for the environment (i.e. you can’t buy your way to green)
  • Frugality refines your taste and style (i.e. you can have better things when you buy used and you’ll eventually stop buying those souvenir t-shirts you’ll never wear)
  • Frugality allows you more time to increase your income (i.e. the best way to not spend money is to spend time making it!)
  • Frugality will not make you rich (i.e. sorry, not sorry)


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