What to Budget for This Summer – EP 411

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What time is it? Summertime! It’s your vacation…but maybe not your finances! Summer is the second season, next to winter, wherein everyone is expected to spend more. Let’s find out in this episode as Jen and Jill share what to look out for and prepare for this summer in order to stay on budget and enjoy this season’s freedom!

When we have time to plan, then we have time to get the things we need at a lower cost.


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14 Summer Expenses to Start Saving For

This article by Motley Fool shares summer expenses you may have forgotten but need to start saving for.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jill emphasizes the importance of planning for vacation-related costs like luggage and toiletries. Use Groupon for discounted activities, and be aware of increased gas and electric bills. Also, your lawn may look crazy this season, so prepare for lawn care costs. There is a rise in graduation and wedding events during the summer season, so planning your gifts ahead of time is advisable. One piece of advice would be to get a group gift. 

Jen focuses on reviewing last year’s spending to plan for this summer, highlighting the importance of structuring activities and prioritizing free options like museums and events. Being intentional with your planning helps avoid defaulting on costly activities and suggests comparing prices for activity memberships, childcare, and school supplies.

Jen mentions the article by NerdWallet on knowing how to have fun this summer with a tight budget or when you’re focused on certain financial goals; she shares doing a low-spend summer, advocating for a mindset shift and creative ideas to reduce costs while still enjoying the season.

Your summer plans! (What are you budgeting for the summer?)

Jill is planning a low-spend summer by teaching online courses and using credit card points to stay at a nearby hotel for a weekend. Jen plans to spend her summer hanging out with her child, Kai.

Bill of The Week

Thank you Mary for sharing your bill about not paying for your books because you got them at the library! Saving $290!

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