The Best, Most Affordable Household Tools

It’s Wednesdayyyyy! 

Did you notice a lot of those Spring and Memorial Day Sales offered discounts on home improvement products and tools? 

As a long-time single girl, I (Misti) have learned just how important it was for me to have my own set of tools (pre-nomad life anyway).

You never know when you need a screwdriver, and there’s nothing worse than trying to make do with a butterknife (IYKYK!) 🤭

And there’s always room for creativity, like that time my friend saved me a trip to the mechanic (and $$$) when she used her power drill to fix the door latch striker on my car after high winds shook it loose. 

Memorial Day sales may be nearing an end, but it’s still a great time to take stock of your toolbox and grab some key items (if they’re in the budget)!

Here’s my list of the best, most affordable household tools to have in your toolbox (or coat closet, if you’re anything like me).

I’ve even linked some affordable options for each tool you can buy on Amazon! **

🔧 The Toolbox Checklist 🔧

✅ Cordless power drill. I’m just gonna call it; this is probably the best tool to have on hand because it’s great for so many uses (my car case in point!). Just consider what voltage level you might need. High-voltage, heavy-duty models are great for heavy-duty tasks like drilling through studs; lower-voltage models (aka general-use) are great for everyday tasks like tightening screws; and light-duty models with smaller motors are great for small tasks like drilling into drywall.

✅ Tape measure. I’m the queen of “let’s just eyeball it and hope for the best,” but… there’s a reason I wear glasses. 😂 It’s a much better move to just invest in the tape measure! Plus, pro-tip: it can be used for home projects as well as things like taking quality pics of items you’re reselling on Poshmark.

✅ Hammer. This one goes without saying. As someone who likes to have decor on the walls, a good hammer comes in handy. But did you know there are actually a lot of different types of hammers for different purposes? My go-to hammer is the claw hammer, which covers the basic uses of driving and removing nails.

✅ Screwdriver set. When considering a good screwdriver set, think about the types of screwdrivers you need most often. The standards are Phillips-head, flat-head, and Torx (good for electronics). Other considerations: do you want a set that has one handle with multiple interchangeable bits or all full-size handles? Do you want a large case or a small case? Do you want a magnetic set (that’s a yes for me!)?

With all this home improvement, you might be feeling short on time to focus on other household tasks, like meal planning.

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