The Scoop on Steam Cleaners

Hiii, Friends!

Some of you know I (Misti) am a pet sitting nomad…

And let’s just say, despite my best intentions, pet sitting isn’t always a walk in the park. 😅 

Sometimes, those lovely little angels just decide to wake up and choose CHAOS.

It’s been a few months so I think I’m finally ready to laugh as I tell this story.

Let me set the stage: I’m in a beautiful home with a white-dominant monochrome aesthetic, with the sweetest little (also white) pup…

7 am, Zoom meeting, puppy’s playing with her chew toy at my feet.

Then I notice something’s not quite right… As I start my slow swivel, it hits me:


Blue ink. 


Stick around for Friday’s email and I’ll link the video evidence for your viewing pleasure. 😂 

The way my soul left my body as I looked at this blue rug definitely had me wondering if my life insurance policy was up to date.

Speaking of, did you know how easy Ladder makes it to find affordable term life insurance? AND they make it easy to change coverage when your needs change throughout life! **

Fortunately, I’ve had enough experience with my own klutzy mishaps that I was able to spring into action with some cleaning hacks to get the worst of the ink stains off this poor, now blue, dog and the rug.

My first step: I immediately ordered a steam carpet cleaner on Instacart.

I got really lucky I ended up with something that worked and didn’t break my budget.

But I’ve been curious ever since—what would I have bought had I intentionally approached this purchase?

I did a deep dive on factors to consider when buying a new steam cleaner.

And I’ve linked our faves for quality and affordability you can order on Amazon!

We’ve also thrown in some bonus top-rated steam mops for your hardwood floor needs! **

The Scoop on Steam Cleaners

1. Size. 📏 Do you want a full size, upright carpet steamer that you can push around like a normal vacuum? Or would you prefer a portable, handheld model–something smaller that’s easier to store when not in use?

There’s some trade-offs with each of these. Both can get pretty heavy when full of water, especially the upright models. The handheld versions are great for small spaces like couches and even cars (the handheld Bissell Little Green Machine definitely came in clutch when my stepdad blessedly detailed my car over Christmas).

But you should consider whether you’re able to be on your hands and knees cleaning the floor.

2. Tank Design. 🪣 Some models have two separate tanks for clean and dirty water, while others have just one tank with two canisters.

Consider what you want regarding filling/emptying canisters, whether that’s a machine that automatically refills the solution or one that you have to manually mix every time. Plus, some models have an automatic shutoff if the dirty water is full.

3. Attachments and Hoses. 🚿 Think about your space. If you have stairs or big couches, then you might need a longer hose to reach easily. If you encounter a lot of stains in your home you may want to consider a model that has spinning brushes that make it easier to get out tough stains.

You can also look for models that do double duty like cleaning hard surfaces, and not just carpet/upholstery and models that have a dry only setting that makes it easier to remove more liquid which decreases the drying time (this is great if you plan to use it to clean your couch or mattress).

All the best,

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