We’re 3 days into our No-Spend Challenge this month.

If you’re just joining us, it’s not too late to jump on the money-challenge-train! 

And if you feel like you already fell off the train, don’t worry! Just jump back on!

Choo choo!

Here’s one of the key ways we can stick with our no-spend plans:

Fill your time with either free activities or some money-making activities! This will leave you with less opportunity for impulse spending, whether online or in-person!

Here’s a few ideas 💡 to get you started:

🤸🏼 Favorite Free Activities 🤸🏼

🗑️ Declutter the house or garage. I focus on 1 room at a time and sort through what can be donated versus sold.

🗄️ Organize closets and cupboards. It may just be me, but I actually find this fun. I also appreciate the challenge of finding ways to organize with items I already have on hand (read: we don’t need a trip to the container store to organize our things!)

👩🏻‍🍳 Cook or bake a new recipe you’ve never tried before while listening to music from the region that food is inspired by!

💵 Favorite Money Making Activities 💵

🏷️ Sell gently used items you no longer need. I like Facebook Marketplace or Ebay for selling kitchen items, small furniture, household decor, and electronics.

🏠 Rent out space on your property with AirBnB. Jen rented out their spare bedroom for a few years and has great things to say about that experience! Meanwhile I am considering renting our whole house when we travel back north to see family. 

🐶 Watch, walk, or drop-in on others’ pets! Particularly for the animal lovers out there, Rover is a great option for making cash without a big time-investment or the necessity to commit long-term.

⭐ Favorite Thing To Do With Money We Didn’t Spend

💳 PUT IT IN A HIGH YIELD SAVINGS ACCOUNT. Yes, I am yelling that. But in a friendly way. This one at CIT is a great option because it’s currently offering 4.65% APY.

It took me (Jill) way too long to actually open one of these accounts and I don’t want you to make the same mistake. This is where I keep my emergency fund and I literally make over $100 each month on my money.

Until next time,

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