5 Sustainable (& Affordable) Clothing Brands

When Jen & Jill introduced me as a new Frugal Friend team member a couple weeks ago, you might have missed the part where I’m also a nomadic house and pet sitter. 🏠🐶

Let me tell ya… there’s nothing like living out of a suitcase and a backpack to make you more interested in minimalism! 

If I’m only able to pack a few outfits, I want to make sure they’re of great quality, can stand up to the wear and tear of regular pet care and travel, and are sustainable. 

I found myself in a conundrum—for most of my adult life, I’ve relied on fast fashion and impulse purchases to fill my closet.

I had absolutely no idea how to go about finding sustainable, affordable clothing!! But I do loveeee some good online window shopping, so I threw myself head first in the pursuit of figuring it out.

I’ve rounded up 5 sustainable, affordable clothing brands to check out, and I’ve been using Beni to search the top secondhand sites to see if I can score any items pre-owned.

Shoppers who use Beni save 42% on average, so you better believe I’m always checking there first! **

Save Long-Term with these 5 Sustainable Clothing Brands:

1. For our trendsetters, Reformation is a great option for on-trend sustainable clothing ♻️ and is more size-inclusive (XXS-3X, up to US 24) and explicitly notes living wages as an ethical principle in their business model.

2. For our littles, Colored Organics is known for its 🌱 organic cotton baby essentials. Plus, with each purchase, they support organizations helping improve children’s lives.

3. Everlane covers your “modern staple workwear” 🥾 needs, representing a range of sizes (from XS-XXL, up to US 20). The company also seeks transparency by documenting their sustainability practices publicly on their website. 

4. Calling all sneaker fans! Allbirds is a great option for sneakers and men’s activewear. 👟 And they’re on track to cut their carbon footprint to near zero by 2030!

5. I have another National Parks road trip coming up, so I was stoked to discover Parks Project for all my ⛰️ hiking gear needs! Their hiking socks are the absolute cutest. Best part? The company has a “giveback” initiative and has contributed over 2.5 million dollars to vital projects that help preserve parks across the US.

Until next time,

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