Best Seasonal Grocery Sales – EP 391

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Have you ever missed out on a huge discount sale at your favorite grocery store? This time, we’re not letting you miss out on any sales! No more FOMOs this year, as in this episode, Jen and Jill explore the seasonal sale cycles of groceries and the best times to buy and stock up your pantry!

Shopping the day after a holiday will give you even better prices, but make sure that you’re getting a deal, not an artificial sale.


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Why Do Items Go on Sale at the Grocery Store, and Should You Buy Them?

This article by All Recipes shares the reasons why sudden clearance sales pop up in grocery stores and lets you know if you should buy them.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jill highlights holiday and seasonal sales, such as the football season. You may look into items that may go on sale just before they expire, so make sure when you purchase them you’re ready to use them and not stock them up in your pantry. Manufacturers aim to attract customers by discounting products during these times, suggesting that consumers should capitalize on these opportunities to save money. But Jen notes the possibility of retailers artificially inflating prices before sales events like Black Friday, which could undermine the perceived discounts. Explore tools to track price histories such as Honey, CNet Shopping, and camel, camel, camel.

The Best Time To Buy Everything Month By Month

The article by Sweet Frugal Life lists down the seasonal sales cycles throughout the year, providing insights into when specific items are typically discounted.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Strategize shopping during specific months by looking through your local grocery online stores or social media to see the latest events and deals they may be having. Jill highlights April to June as opportune for discounted hams, baking items, and Easter candies. She also notes October to December as ideal for seafood and baking sales, with November being optimal for canned foods and December for baking goods and party food.

Jen suggests leveraging resources like Seasonal Food Guide’s website to identify peak produce seasons tailored to one’s location and Flipp to see weekly ads of the stores near you, helping you compare prices between stores. Stock up on oatmeal products in January, chocolates in February post-Valentine’s Day, and frozen foods in March. For summer, check out deals on ice cream in July, while August and September are prime for breakfast foods and canned soup, respectively. While a lot of these items may go on sale in different months, Jen and Jill emphasize that these are the times that they’re going to be on their best sale.

One thing you won’t buy (or stopped buying) at the grocery store even on sale

Jill refuses to buy pre-prepared pasta dishes and pre-chopped items, preferring to prepare them herself, while Jen typically avoids ready-to-cook meals but is not entirely opposed to them.

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