Listener Special: Your Burning Questions – EP 269

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Here’s a spicy and flaming hot gift from us to our dearest Frugal Listeners! Every year, Jen and Jill answer the burning questions you have set for them. The questions may get specific as we go through each of these 6 questions for this listener-special episode. 

You don’t need to trust your money to someone else and pay them a fee to do something you can do on your own– technology has made it easy and affordable for you to invest well and broadly.


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Maintaining a Universal Life Policy

Question: I am maintaining a universal life (formally term) policy on my x husband. The value is $200k costing $1032.00per month. He is 70, in average health. Is this wise, I don’t think I would just save the money if it were not going to this policy? Thanks.

What Jen has to say:

This question can only be answered by a fiduciary financial advisor who is intimately familiar with your financial situation. Jen believes that you do not need to hire a financial advisor BUT there are cases wherein you might want to consult a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) for instances such as you’re nearing retirement, inheritance or receiving a large sum of money, married later in life (both have assets), during a divorce, when you lose a spouse and the list can go on.

Side Hustles

Question: Having a hard time discovering a decent side hustle that’s worth it and not a huge pain. Any advice?

What Jill has to say:

Ask yourself and identify your capacities. Jill wants you to determine what could be best for you such as knowing what excites you, your current job and capabilities. 

Getting Freelance Jobs

Question: How do you get these freelance jobs like freelance writing? I feel like I’d be great a proofreading but 9,000 people are also doing that.

What Jen has to say:

Approach freelance writing like it’s an on-ramp to the highway wherein you’ll have to start slow by going at sites that everyone tells you not to go ( where jobs are easy to find then develop your portfolio from there. Build connections, join communities and attend conferences as this is where most clients or companies who offer higher budgets for writers go to. 

Renovation and Budgeting

Question: How are renovations going and how is your budget looking?

What Jill has to say:

Jill confidently says that the renovations are still ongoing and for budgeting, it’s been looking good despite certain changes. She hopes it’ll be done by May 2023.

Being a Disney Adult

Question: Jen, are you a Disney adult? What has it cost you?

What Jen has to say:

Both Jen and Jill agree that Jen is a lowkey Disney adult after she became a mom. Jen is also a proud subscriber of Disney+ and a frequent visitor to Disneyland. 


Question: Jill, how many weekends were you at home vs. traveling this year?

What Jill has to say:

Surprisingly, as compared to last year’s percentage, Jill spent 54% of her 2022 traveling and hosting (198 days; 17 weekends home with no guests). 

A question or request we wish our listeners asked of us

Jill wished listeners would request Jen to dance as she loves to watch pregnant women dance. Meanwhile, Jen wants you to ask her about her love for Publix Tiramisu. 

Bill of The Week

Thanks Jen for your BOTW that is Bill Kurtis AND the bill you’re about to pay for someone to tile your bathrooms! And Jill too, for his ‘willy’ billy AND that bill that she is about to pay for the first time!

Thanks so Much for Listening!

Thanks so much for listening! We want to share a recent review we received.


I find this podcast to be so fun and approachable- I liked it initially but it grew on me fast, and now I look forward to every new episode and have gone back and listened to past episodes as well.

Jill and Jen are informative, fun, practical and smart- they project a warmth that make you feel like you’re sitting down and chatting over coffee. The fun structure changes it up, so it isn’t just one big long interview, which I love. Keep it up, ladies!


Thanks for listening and leaving reviews, they help potential listeners know if this is the show for them or not and we always get a lot of searchers in January so if you haven’t left a review yet this is the perfect time to let your fellow and future frugal friends know what they’re in for!

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