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Now that travel has opened up after the pandemic struck the world, we bet you’re also excited to travel again! In this episode, we’re covering frugal traveling in this new era of travel. Stick with us as we run down why budget travel not only saves you money but shifts your mindset in the best way possible. 

Frugality is not misery–this is looking at the impact of all our choices on our money, environment, even local and international economies.


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6 Reasons to Budget Travel at Least Once in a Lifetime

The Frugal Friends think everyone should try budget travel because it helps in shifting our mindset–from begrudgingly and wishing we could do all the luxurious things to just embracing it knowing we are getting a unique experience in engaging in other things that do not make us spend. In this travel blog, Map Trotting shared 6 reasons why you should budget travel and have you create intentional choices.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jill is an advocate of engaging in the culture and people when traveling (specifically, international) as that helps in changing our whole mindset (not just on money), spark creativity within us, and help us have a deep understanding of ourselves and our lives.

Traveling makes you realize that there are so many things you actually don’t need to spend money on, says Jen. Also, in Jen’s experience with traveling, doing stuff that is slightly outside of her comfort zone is where some of her best memories are in her travels.

We asked 14 travel experts to share their No. 1 tip for saving money when they're on vacation

You have heard of these tips before but probably haven’t taken them seriously. In this article by Business Insider, they recount and give the biggest ways to save money on travel. Make sure to take down some notes as they also give some efficient tricks when you’re on a vacation outside your country.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

For Jen, traveling on weekdays, specifically Tuesday to Saturday has been a sweet spot for her. Just be smart about booking flights in the off-season or travel deals. Additionally, not every meal has to be at a restaurant, shop at the local grocery stores and make sure to bring more than one credit/debit card (keep them separate). Jill adds that some countries aren’t cashless so make sure to have some cash too.

Do your research–know if there is a place that might be less expensive for you based on the exchange rate and find out where the locals usually eat or how they travel. Jill says that there are plenty of places where the US dollar is going to take you further and experiences you might have never even expected. You might also want to consider house-sitting for a unique and adventurous way of traveling while slicing and dicing your expenses. 

Our dream vacation destination

Jen’s dream vacation destination is Greece and Italy on a cruise while Jill’s dream dreamiest of dreams is a yacht vacation.

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