Frugal Travel: Staycations, Local Travel, + Road Trips w/Danielle Desir – EP 119

Traveling and vacationing is very difficult right now with all that is going on in the world which is why we are very excited to talk with Danielle Desir from The Thought Card about ways we can enjoy the summer, experience new things, and get creative in safe and affordable ways!


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  • Browsing the Internet! You may not be able to take that international trip you were planning this summer or go to that conference that is your one week a year you get to escape from your normal life and hang out with other people who understand you

Notable Notes:

We asked Danielle her top tips for frugal vacations, especially in the age of COVID and travel limitations:

  1. For people who want to take a break but can’t or just don’t want to leave the house, what are your recommendations for frugal staycations?



-check out local restaurants

2. How about local travel? How can we save on safe activities and other stuff?

-consider whats within a few hours

-check regulations

3. What about road trips? Any advice for safe and affordable road trips?

-identify your comfort level

-check state requirements – travel offers

travelzoo – every Wednesday they post top 20 deals

gate1 travel


-use pinterest as search engine

4. How can we get financially prepared for travel in the future?

-define comfort level

-check credit card if not getting money back

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Lightning Round

Our upcoming travel plans, how we’ve had to alter them due to covid, and what we’re doing to save on them.

We also want to thank Danielle for sharing about WOC Podcasters; a community of content creators. AND for providing us with a list of her current favs:

Wrap Up

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