3 Listener Debt Payoff Stories – EP 188

We love a good debt payoff story, and what could be better than hearing the real-life experiences of frugal friends listeners?! Listen in as 3 brave souls share their journey to debt freedom.


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  1. Tiffany from Kentucky – started the debt payoff journey in 2019 and has since paid off $55k in consumer debt! As of next month she will only owe on her mortgage! One key thing they did: raise their combined salaries from $79k to $99k working as educators.

Jen+Jill Take-Aways:

  • Don’t rely on others to fund your retirement
  • Be intentional with raising your income 
  • EXPECT set backs, stay the course
  1. Jocelyn from Connecticut – Began with $13K in credit card debt and $95K in student loan debt; started paying off consumer debt in 2012, then went on to pay off the student loans in 6.5years. Had some pauses along the way as she went to race as a triathlete in 2008/9 (which doesn’t pay much btw!). Earnings started at 50K but increased to 6-figures as a result of experience, negotiation, moving to low cost of living area, AND got employer to help pay off student loan debt. Best thing since debt payoff = having a child!! Not worrying about finances during maternity leave. Jocelyn’s advice – IT’S POSSIBLE! Know your worth.

Jen+Jill Take-Aways:

  • The journey isn’t always short! It took Jocelyn 7.5 years! That can feel like a long time!
  • Negotiation is key! Negotiate your bills lower, negotiate your salary higher, negotiate for more benefits!!
  1. Brittany in Asheville – Had $65K in debt and was making $25-$35K per year waiting tables. Eventually she moved to Korea to teach english, then opened her own business. The turning point was when she looked at how much she still owed after years of making the minimum payment and didn’t make a dent! Since being more diligent and putting more money towards debt payoff Brittany has been able to not only become debt free but also has begun putting extra money towards mortgage, will mean a paid off house 15 years early! Brittany’s advice – keep going, celebrate little wins, and find a way that works for you

Jen+Jill Take-Aways:

  • It is still possible to become debt-free even when living on a low income
  • Do what works for you in this debt-payoff journey! No individual person’s advice is infallible (take what works and leave what doesn’t)
  • Celebrate along the way!

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Lightning Round 

What we’re most thankful for  about our debt payoff journeys

  • Jen- changed the trajectory of my life and led down a path of self discovery/ intentional living.
  • Jill- taught me simplicity and contentment (AND it allowed me to cash flow my masters degree)


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