How To Reduce Moving Costs – EP 151

Moving can be amazingly expensive, not to mention overwhelmingly stressful! If you are planning a move, know someone moving, or think you will move at some point in your life; listen in for helpful tips on reducing moving costs and making the transition as smooth as possible!


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  • Pizza: It’s the frugal compensation to bribe friends into helping you move instead of hiring professionals. And if you do it right you may even be able to get someone helping you move to buy the pizza for you making the move even more frugal. Pizza, it’s what’s for dinner if you’re helping someone move.

Notable Notes:

What the Internet has to say:

This article from Moversville shares a list of 42 ways you can save money on your move!

What Jen + Jill have to say:

We like so many of these moving tips including…

  • 1. Toss/donate/sell – declutter your things in the process!
  • 2. Do a pantry challenge to clean out your food before moving
  • 4. Start early
  • 6. Get free boxes + packing supplies (letgo/offer up/next door/marketplace)…jill says – wine stores
  • 7. Pack yourself…obvi!
  • 9. Use linens, sheets, towels etc. to pack (rather than buying packing paper)
  • 10. Pack a ‘necessities box’ for easy access to the stuff you’ll need immediately
  • 12. Get help from family and friends
  • 14. Use original TV box (a reason to keep this around!)
  • 26. cancel and get a new service
    • Take advantage of new customer discounts/promos
  • 29. Remember the dollar store!
  • 40. Cancel subscriptions (and bills, etc.)

More from the Internet:

This article from Wild Cat Movers gives us 6 ways to save money on moving costs when we DO hire a moving company

More from Jen + Jill:

  • 1. Be prepared BEFORE the movers arrive – it wastes time and money if the movers need to do what you could have done
  • 2. Make sure the movers you hire are licensed and insured; this will protect against any major costs incurred if something gets lost or broken
  • 3. Organize your boxes by size – this will help the movers efficiently pack the truck which saves times and money!
  • 4. Make sure box tops are closed shut – most helpful if everything is in a squared container with a lid – helps with packing 
  • 5. Disassemble and assemble beds yourself
  • 6. Disconnect and reconnect washer and dryer yourself (if moving)

BILL OF THE WEEK –  Thank you Paige for sharing your bill about spending monthly money on a big grocery budget to make your husband happy 🙂

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Lightning Round

Moving stories & tips

  • Jen-  My mom convinced me to let my half-brother move us. He never showed up and she scrambled to find someone on the fly to move our big items.
  • Jill –  Start earlier than you think, utilize this time to declutter, use trash bags over hangared clothes to easily transport from closet to closet, feed your helpers with pizza…not caserole 😉


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