How to Live in an RV or Motorhome – EP 130

If you’ve ever thought about living in an RV or trying the tiny house lifestyle, or even considered it short-term; this episode is for you! We’re covering a lot of the basics regarding what should be considered before full-time RV-ing, where to park, and what to look for when purchasing an RV!


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Notable Notes

What the Internet has to say:

This article from Insider gives us a list of important things to consider about full-time RV-ing

What Jen + Jill have to say:

  • The bathrooms are tiny, it’s true…but the water doesn’t have to get cold 5-minutes into your shower! You can upgrade your water heater system!
  • The cooktops and stoves are often tiny, but this is another thing you can upgrade if living in the RV full-time
  • There is no privacy! You do hear everything inside, and depending on where you’re parked, there may not be privacy once you walk out of your ‘home’!

More from the Internet:

This article from A Small Life talks about the number one question that needs to be answered when living on wheels: where to park the RV?!

More from Jen + Jill:

  • If you have your own land with appropriate hook-ups or you plan to boon-dock; parking on your own property could be an option
  • RV parks + mobile home communities (sometimes only seasonal)
  • Tiny house community online has some great tips (see link in article)
  • Jill’s favorite option: backyard living (+traveling)

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Lightning Round

What to Consider about RV living

If thinking about full-time RV-ing, Jill recommends considering the following:

  1. Whether you will travel, or remain mostly stationary
  2. Size RV you need (how many people/animals will be in the RV?)
  3. Where you will park
  4. Whether you plan to full-tim RV to save money, or for the experience

Our RV Nightmares:

Jen– the RV renovation fail!

Jill- Our pipes froze in the cold of the northern winters!


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