Frugal Home Cleaning Tips – EP 246

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Cleaning your home should not always require you to drive to the nearest store and purchase the most expensive and branded supplies. Sometimes, a few tools and products you might already have in the kitchen can work magic for you. In this perfectly timed episode, Jen & Jill share useful, frugal and worth-it home cleaning tips to save you tons of money and time. 

We don’t need a name brand for every single type of cleaner that’s out there, we just need to identify what works for us.


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9 Cheap House Cleaning Tips That Actually Work

In Frugal Friends, we give you tips that are frugal and worth trying. Living on the Cheap talks about 9 inexpensive home cleaning tips that can be done by anyone and anytime. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jen abides by buying good quality cleaning supplies such as a lightweight and inexpensive vacuum cleaner but it will also be good to swap store bought products for DIY. Jill also agrees and wants us to find products that can still be reused by smartly picking the products we buy. Most importantly, cleaning often will save you so much time.

8 Homemade Cleaners That Actually Work, According to Our Cleaning Expert

There’s nothing better than having a cleaning product that works wonders, what more if it’s homemade? In this article by Good Housekeeping, you might find out that a supply you have sitting on your shelf can also be used as a cleaning product as they give 8 homemade cleaners that are promised to actually work. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jen shares her all purpose cleaner and is interested to know about the suggested scented all purpose cleaner as it is added with a lemon rind and some rosemary sprigs. Jill tells us to get ourselves some borax–it may seem like a toxic ingredient as a cleaner but it’s safe for everything else (except for marble and granite). Also, using your baking soda and a little bit of warm water may do you a favor in cleaning your home. 

You have a guest coming over and have 30 minutes to clean your home - what order do you go in and what do you prioritize?

Jen would pick everything up off the floor, put things away in their area, and wipe counters. Bonus if she still has extra time is to vacuum and scrub the guest vanity and toilet. Meanwhile, Jill would do the toilet first and then tidy up the living space.

Bill of The Week

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