Decorating Your Home On A Budget – EP 172

Do you find you are constantly buying new decor items for your home? Is it costing far more than you want to spend to make your home pleasing to the eye? On this episode we’re exploring how to identify your personal design aesthetic so you can decorate in a way that is authentic to your style and stop buying more stuff! Decorating to the point of contentment is the aim. Listen in!


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  • The early 2000’s – apologizing for all their mistakes, causing us all to now hunt for solutions and remedies to make up for all the poor interior design choices. Every generation has a tendency to complain about the one before it; but those initial Budget DIYers really have shown us what not to do. From tiling counter-tops to putting border wall-paper E-VER-Y-WHERE …us up and coming budget DIYer’s have a lot to reclaim. So early 2000’s – you’re on a short leash, but we forgive you. Now let’s learn from the mistakes and do better!

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Notable Notes:

What the Internet has to say:

This Article from Veranda gives us helpful tips and hints to find our personal style and decorate from there.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

  • Research
  • Take inventory
  • Start Small
  • Reach out (DM an expert on IG….or phone a friend!)
  • Be patient and have fun! The best deals come to those who wait!

More from the Internet:

This article from LifesAhmazing gives us a list of the best youtube channels for inspiration on decorating on a budget, upcycling, and ideas for how to define your space.

More from Jen + Jill:

  • Mr. Kate – couple, shows low cost re-design, and even working with odd layouts
  • Lone Fox – IKEA hacks and dollar store DIY’s – mid-century modern
  • The Sorry Girls – some woodworking – and some more attainable projects, specialize in hacking designer items
  • Living to DIY with Rachel Metz – industrial/mid-century modern style, not afraid to ‘go bold’
  • Live Your Style – small spaces + maximizing storage
  • Teshaja – DIY glam style
  • XO, MaCenna – thrifting flips
  • Studio McGee – husband/wife duo with lots of decorating tips/inspo


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Lightning Round 

How would you define your personal style and how do you design for it?

  • Jill- I like a lot of different styles/designs, so I allow whatever space I’m in to help me define how to decorate it. For now, I live in a home built in the 1950’s so I am pulling out the natural mid-century elements and throwing in some ‘modern’ touches! This is what feels authentic to me.
  • Jen- grey and wood:) …and possibly ‘hot trash’…


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