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Ordering takeout to satisfy your cravings is thrilling for a moment until you see your bill. Takeouts should not make you feel regretful, you just need a little bit of planning to fully relish it. In this episode, the Frugal Friends still wants you to enjoy the comfort of food delivery apps and takeouts as we give you the easiest and best ways to save money on takeout food. 

Getting takeout can be something exciting that you don’t have to feel guilty about.


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5 Meal Deal Delivery Tips to Save Money

Meal Delivery Apps’ popularity skyrocketed during the height of the pandemic as most people were forced to stay at home. Of course, paying a service to make you a meal and have it delivered to your door can cost you more as compared to a home-cooked meal. This article from a restaurant named Cucina Dolce gave 5 simple meal deal delivery tips to save you money. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jill agrees with choosing pick-up instead of delivery as you will have to pay an extra charge for having it delivered to you or you can just make your own takeout. Also, make sure to avoid 3rd party apps as they usually have to upcharge their menu items. 

Jen reminds us to not forget to take advantage of cashback on your credit card and to order in bulk instead of buying items one by one to save money. 

18 Ways to Save Money on Restaurant Food Delivery & Takeout

We all want to be guilt free whenever we order from a food delivery or take out but there are actual ways to spend less and save money when doing it. Money Crashers lists down 18 ways to save money through making smart choices when ordering from restaurant food delivery and takeout. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Sometimes, it’s better to just hit your nearest grocery store to stop yourself from buying a takeout but if you feel like you badly want to order food delivery, Jen says to choose the cheaper items. You can also check your mail for discounts and deals or search for coupons online. Also, head over to and get a $30 bonus the next time you shop in Rakuten!

Jill advises ordering a big meal and then splitting your dish with a family member or a friend to cut the cost. Delivery fees may vary per restaurant or app so be keen and compare these fees before ordering and make sure to use discounted gift cards. 

Our Favorite "Treat Yo Self" Takeout Food

Jill LOOOVES Indian food while it’s Thai food for Jen!

Bill of The Week

Thank you Kyle from UK for sharing your bill about your better mortgage because of debt pay off. AND congrats on your move to an island off the coast of Scotland!

Thanks so Much for Listening!

Thanks so much for listening! Many of you know we have a private community where we do monthly money challenges and offer accountability groups. We want to congratulate one of our members for a big win:

My husband and I have made major changes to our careers resulting in a loss of ~3000$/month in our household income.

Needless to say, we’ve been trying to reduce our expenses to afford our new lifestyles, but with a little bit of creativity, we’ve really been enjoying ourselves!

Like, We usually “visit” one country per month with our daughters for our “culinary world tour”. This month, we were supposed to go to a Turkish restaurant but… it’s Culture days in Alberta and the Turkish Association in Edmonton is organizing a FREE Turkish brunch!!

I’m honestly so grateful for our new life. We make less money but the benefits of this new lifestyle are huge

I’m less stressed. I’m actually happy to go to work. I have enough energy to workout. I do my chores during the day so when my kids come back from pre-school, I’m fully present for them. I can catch up with friends who also have a flexible schedule during the week. It was always so hard to find a time to see each other with kids’ schedule being so different. The list goes on and on!

When you talk about designing your dream life, it speaks so much to me! I can’t believe a year ago we started the value-based challenge and it has had an impact greater than I had expected!

Congrats! Thanks for listening and if you want to check out our monthly challenge community head to to see what challenge we have coming up next.

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