Frugal Dating Tips for ANy Relationship Status – EP 123

Whether you’re married, in a serious relationship, or ‘surveying the landscape’ we could all use some refreshers on ways to enjoy time with our romantic interests in a frugal and affordable way! On this episode we’re exploring some of the costs we don’t always consider, as well as some fresh ideas for inexpensive dates.


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  • TV Series: Wondering what to do for a low key date night at home? Start a TV Series. You’ll avoid the “what are we doing tonight?” question for at least a month! Avoid the cost of restaurants and the uncertainty of events by getting sucked into a TV series with 7+ seasons. You’ll have even more fun by choosing a series that has a spinoff! TV Series, because eventually you’re going to have to stop scrolling the Netflix homepage and just watch something.

Notable Notes:

What the Internet has to say:

This article from Chime outlines for us some of the hidden costs of dating we often don’t plan for, but should!

What Jen + Jill have to say:

  • Beautifying yourself – link to make-up ep
  • Transportation – link transport ep
  • Time is money – and we give this up as we date our significant other!
  • Intimate wear
  • Dating apps
  • Birth control

More from the Internet:

This article from And Then We Saved gives a comprehensive list of 98 frugal and fun date ideas!

More from Jen + Jill:

  • Ummmm we all know movies at home are an option…so let’s get to the good stuff..
  • Build something together
  • Find the best happy hour – make apps your meal
  • Play ping pong (or tennis lol)
  • Teach each other something….but be warned!
  • Book club/read to each other
  • Work out together
  • Outdoor activities- check Groupon
  • Breakfast date
  • Talk about your future- Plan your financial goals
  • Wash your cars

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Lightning Round

Our best and worst dates

  • Jill – BEST = french town, yard sales, wineries
  • Jen- BEST = our first date was the best
  • Jill – WORST = learning to drive manual
  • Jen- WORST = vacation in Bali


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