Raising Babies Frugally, Minimally, + Sustainably w/Chelsea Brennan – EP 122

Having and raising children can be expensive! And with so many different products and precautions vying for our money it can be tough to know where to spend and where to save. We’re thrilled to have Chelsea Brennan, founder of Smart Money Mamas and former hedge fund investor to talk about the important pieces to consider when having kids and the items most parents don’t think about, but should!


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  • Cute Aggression – that feeling you get when you see literally ANYTHING that is tiny and overwhelmingly adorable that you grit your teeth, clench your muscles, and say weird things that you would never ACTUALLY do but somehow feels right to say. Cute aggression: you either understand it completely or you are entirely concerned by it – there is no in-between

Notable Notes:

We asked Chelsea all about her insights and top tips on raising babies frugally! Here’s our highlights:

  • What are some costs new mom think they need to spend money on but really aren’t necessary?
    • Basically everything… 🙂
      • For real though, set up the nursery later – most infants will sleep in your room for the first few months anyhow!
    • Consider if the thing you are about to purchase will actually cause anxiety
    • Beware of educational development marketing – they want your money – not to make your baby smarter
  • What are some costs new parents might not think about but are legitimately important? 
  • For the things we need, what are some ways to save money.
    • Local buy nothing groups
    • Borrow from friends
    • FB marketplace
    • Mom FB groups
    • Thrift stores
    • Consignment events
  • What should new moms be prepared for as far as medical costs for delivery and baby well checks?
    • ACA often covers baby well checks
    • CALL INSURANCE provider to learn about coverage
      • Understand what your deductible is
      • Recognize possibility of paying deductible 2x
      • Options – what they cover (small perks)
    • Call hospital and get range of numbers
    • Select an office that has a set price
    • Consider birthing center (if healthy/non-complicated pregnancy)

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Lightning Round

 What are some ways friends can support their friends who are new moms?

  • Chelsea – offer household help (do laundry, clean the kitchen, amazon prime home offers house cleaning service gift cards, gifts for mom)
  • Jen – do laundry for others – send to wash and fold place – DIAPERS – books – wine
  • Jill – I send food deliveries from local restaurants – cuz you know I have a hard enough time cooking for myself and new moms have GOT to be tired of all the homemade lasagna…(raise – discounted giftcards)

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